12 Breakfast Pizzas You Need To Give Your Morning Meal A Major Upgrade

We're consistently torn between our desire to eat cold pizza for breakfast and wanting to try out a fancy brunch recipe, but what if you didn't have to choose between the two? Breakfast pizzas are very much a thing — and a wonderful thing at that. Whether you make it savory or sweet, fruity or eggy, this delicious doughy creation is guaranteed to start your day off on a delicious note.

We've accepted the fact that pizza is the most addictive food, and we're giving into our desires to eat it all day, every day, and as much as possible. Better yet — it can even be pretty healthy too. Flip through to see the pizza creations that will get your day going.

Image: The Crepes of Wrath

by Rebecca Deczynski

Pizza With Chipotle Romesco Eggs And Shaved Asparagus

Start off your day with a crisp, veggie-topped pizza. Half Baked Harvest uses shaved asparagus to give this breakfast an extra healthy crunch.

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Grilled Breakfast Pizza

Yes, you can also make breakfast on the grill. A Cozy Kitchen breaks down how to make your own pizza even if you’re not a master griller.

Image: A Cozy Kitchen

Pizza Frittata

Trust Minimalist Baker: don’t shy away from adding pepperoni to your eggs for a tasty finish.

Image: Minimalist Baker

Tomato And Egg Breakfast Pizza

If you’re a fan of shakshuka, then I Am a Food Blog’s is a carb-lover’s creation you’ve got to try.

Image: I Am a Food Blog

Sun-Dried Tomato And Walnut Pesto Breakfast Pizza

Walnuts and goat cheese give Naturally Ella’s sun-dried tomato pizza an unexpected touch.

Image: Naturally Ella

Sourdough Breakfast Pizza

Sourdough dough makes one of our favorite pizza crusts of all. Top that with some yolky eggs, and you’ve got a five-star brunch courtesy of The Crepes of Wrath.

Image: The Crepes of Wrath

Apple Streusel Breakfast Pizza

A sweet breakfast doesn’t have to be unhealthy, as Minimalist Baker proves with this dairy-free treat.

Image: Minimalist Baker

Avocado And Egg Breakfast Pizza

Give the avocado toast a break and instead opt for The Kitchn’s easy-to-make alternative.

Image: The Kitchn

Peanut Butter, Jam, And Banana Breakfast Pizza

You can never have too many peanut butter and jelly recipes. Oh She Glows‘ fruit-and-nut pizza is a sweet version of your favorite lunchtime sandwich.

Image: Oh She Glows

Eggy Breakfast Pizza

When in doubt, Joy the Baker knows the motto: put an egg on it.

Image: Joy the Baker

Quiche Lorraine Pizza

Quiche Lorraine is a classic brunch dish, but think of Brown Eyed Baker’s creation as a new version of that old favorite, with crispy pizza crust instead of pie crust.

Image: Brown Eyed Baker

Berry And Goat Cheese Mini Pizzas

Just a touch of goat cheese makes Family Fresh Cooking’s mini pizza the perfect balance between indulgent and healthy.

Image: Family Fresh Cooking