Demi's New Single Is Your Anthem to Summer Flings

by Maggie Malach

Despite her smokin' hot single artwork, Demi Lovato is totally "Cool for the Summer." The singer just released the new track and as predicted, it's the warm-weather jam we've been waiting for. Need more proof? Just check out the sun-drenched lyrics.

The song kicks off with a pretty piano harmony before launching into an EDM-tinged verse. Lovato explores a sultrier side of herself with "Cool for the Summer," seductively telling her guy:

Got my mind on your body

And your body on my mind

Got a taste for the cherry

I just need to take a bite

Don't tell your mother

Kiss one another

Die for each other

We're cool for the summer

Helloooooo, innuendo! Is it getting hot in here?

"Cool for the Summer" is basically an anthem to summer flings. (Shhhh, don't tell your mother!) It's got the peppiness of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream mixed with M.I.A.'s saucy confidence mixed with a splash of noise rock. Think an artfully chaotic 1989.

This evolution in sound highlights Lovato's signature self-assured vibe. "Take me down into your paradise," she belts. "Don't be scared cause I'm your body type." (Thanks, Lovato. "I'm your body type" is officially my new favorite pickup line.)

Sonically, "Cool for the Summer" is a departure from Demi, Lovato's fourth album. However, the single is likely an indication as to what we can expect from her upcoming full-length project.

“For this album, I’m making music that feels right to me,” Lovato told MTV News. “This time around, I was able to explore different sounds, and hone in on something that I’m really proud of.”

There's no word on when the fifth album will drop, or even what its title will be. In the meantime, I'll just embrace the warm weather and put "Cool for the Summer" on repeat.