5 Apps Like Tinder for Things Other Than Dating

Say what you will about Tinder, but you can't deny the app's remarkable success. Tinder managed to do what no dating site or app had done before: normalize online dating. A huge part of Tinder's success was its swipe-and-match premise — which, of course, has led to a huge number of apps that have taken that format and run with it. And not all of them are dating apps, either: For example, Switch calls itself "Tinder for jobs," and not only is it not for dating, but it's actually quite practical, as well.

Switch operates by allowing users to set up a profile with their resume; then, it automatically anonymizes that profile so only limited information about a given user is available to companies. Only if a user and a company match does that company get access to a user's full profile and contact information. There's also a nifty feature that hides your profile from any company already listed on your resume to avoid potentially awkward encounters. Once you connect with a company on Switch, you can access the HR person's email address, as well as chat in a chat box. It's like Tinder's practical, sensible-footwear sporting uncle.

According to USA Today, the app currently has about 100,000 job seekers to match with representatives from about 1,000 companies (notable companies on the app include Amazon, Facebook, eBay and Walmart). While the majority of jobs on the app are currently tech positions right now — you know, the kind of jobs that seek people who would know about a startup tech app — it is currently expanding its reach to include job offers in retail, sales, and finance.

I like the whole "matching" aspect of Tinder, and I'm sure I'd like that element of Switch as well. It's nice to feel like a desire to connect is mutual, whether you're looking for someone to date or somewhere to work. And it seems like more and more apps are getting wise to the cultural phenomenon of swiping to match, too Here are five apps that work like Tinder (but aren't for dating):

1.Stylect: Tinder For Shoes

Sometimes swiping left or right on Tinder feels objectifying and wrong, but you don't have that problem on Stylect because you're dealing with actual objects. This app lets you swipe "yes" or "no" on shoes until it narrows down the perfect ones for you (in your size, of course).

2. Zola: Tinder For Wedding Registries

I'm not planing a wedding, engaged, or actually dating anyone in a meaningful (or non-meaningful) way right now, but why should I let that stop me from downloading this cool app? (Please, no one answer that). Zola lets you add items to your wedding wish list by swiping right on items you like and left on items you don't.

3. Yeti: Tinder for Places

Yeti connects you to cool places and experiences near you, as well as people who share your interests. It's really popular amongst travelers looking to find local spots.

4. BarkBuddy: Tinder for Dog Adoption

This one is actually different from TinDog, which connects dog lovers to other dog lovers. BarkBuddy shows you pictures of dogs that are up for adoption, making it literally the cutest app ever.

5. Karma Swipe: Tinder for Reddit

Did your head just explode with tech jargon when you read "Tinder for Reddit"? Karma Swipe is a third party app that allows Reddit users to digest content in a more photo-centric way, swiping left and right on threads that they find less or more appealing.

Images: Giphy; Switch, Stylect, Zola, Yeti LLC, BarkBuddy/Facebook