8 Sex Trends You Should Know About

by Sara Tardiff

It doesn't take a psychic to predict that plaid will be in for fall and that florals will be hot in spring. But what's the latest in popular sex trends? "Sex trends?" you may ask. "Is that a thing that exists?" Is it possible that the seven billion people inhabiting our planet might agree that, sexually, some things are just way cooler than others? Imagine getting together with a few billion of your closest friends and deciding exactly which positions were the most awkward to try to do IRL. Of course, everyone has their sexual preferences, their favorite kinks, and their go-to positions, but you know something has got to be pretty awesome when it is considered trendy in the world of sex.

Now, just because some things are trending for the time being doesn't mean they're only temporary obsessions. I'm hoping the whole body positivity thing and respecting how people identify are here to stay, because that is how things ought to be. As for trendier concepts, like rocking orange bodysuits and roleplaying OITNB? I can't really say how long that one will last. Probably until Netflix launches its next show filled with gorgeous women. Which is totally OK with me.

1. The (Almost) Free Nipple

When you search #FreeTheNipple on Instagram, the content generally "isn't available," and that's because women's nipples still aren't entirely free. From laws limiting reproductive rights to some states having no penalties for revenge porn, there are still many hurdles to overcome on behalf of women's rights — in particular, their rights in regard to their bodies. However, one way women have been taking ownership over their bodies has been through social media. It has become more commonplace for women to post sexy, even nude, photos on their social media accounts, just to share with the world how fabulous they are. With celebrities posting cheeky topless pics left and right, and the public following suit (especially on Twitter!), we're embracing the female form in a very open way. One in five American adults has received a nude photo in their life, and in the name of being #bodyposi, that can be considered an empowering thing — because having the confidence to send one is awesome.

2. Gender-Neutral Sex Toys

Transformer, $94, Amazon

It's a bird ... a plane ... no, it's a sex toy for everyone! Amazingly progressive sex toys are all the rage (freaking finally), and toys that accommodate genders of all kinds are at the forefront. The Picobong Transformer acts as a clitoral massager, G-spot stimulator, cock ring, prostate massager, and various other sex toys — all in one! I don't know about you, but I've never seen an image of such perfection. Even if it looks a little like an alien's finger, it's a surefire way make everyone's orgasm on point.

3. Upping The Risk Factor

Who doesn't love a little adrenaline? We pay to ride roller coasters and get addicted to tattoos, so it makes sense that we'd want a little excitement in our sex lives. According to a study done by LELO, compared to 2012, 2014 was a big year for risky sex. In 2012, their survey reported that 27 percent of women had sex outdoors, while 35 percent tried it in 2014. Only 10 percent of women in 2012 participated in a threesome, compared to the 20 percent who gave it a go just two years later. As for sex tapes, in 2012, only 28 percent had filmed one, while 2014 saw a jump to 52 percent! Having the confidence to try something new is seriously cool — and your partner probably agrees. As long as all parties feel safe and comfortable, a little risk can go a long way.

4. Getting Creative With Birth Control

2015 has already been a big year for male contraceptives. Various kinds are in the works, all of which will allow the burden of accessing and using birth control to be shared. Yay, gender equality! Aaron Hamlin, director of the Male Contraception Initiative, promises that "this is a total game changer," and I believe him. The long-term, non-hormonal concept that is in the works is anticipated to be out as early as 2018. Plus, there are plenty of condom variations available (and in the making), as well as a vaginal condom with a built-in vibrating ring that sounds like some good old contraceptive fun.

5. Pumping Iron … With Your Vagina

LUNA Beads Noir, $49, Babeland

Having strong pelvic floor muscles is very in right now. Venus balls, geisha balls, whatever you want to call them — they're great for your orgasm. You lube them up and insert them in the vagina, and use those leg and PC muscles to amp up your kegel workout. Now, why exactly would you do that? Because they can help strength the vagina, which results in improved sexual performance and more intense orgasms. There are actual apps designed to track your vaginal strength progress, so if you think lifting weights with your vag sounds like a joke, think again.

6. Learning From The Pros

We all like to think we're amazing in bed (and hey, you might be out of this world), but there is always room for improvement. Luckily, there are all kinds of resources out there if you want to invest in a real sexual education (You know, the important stuff you wish they taught in sex ed? Like how to locate the G-spot?). At Babeland, which has locations in New York City and Seattle, you can take classes in everything from The Art of the Blowjob to Positions of Pleasure. Find sex classes in your city and get your learn on!

7. The Wireless Orgasm

Bluemotion, $129, Babeland

Whether you're in an LDR or you live around the block from each other, now you have the option of making your partner cum with the swipe of an iPhone screen. And no, I'm not just talking about a really steamy text. Products like OhMiBod's Bluemotion allows one of you to have control via your phone over a vibrator that can be worn out and about (talk about an interesting day at the office!). With their Wireless Music Vibrator, you can sync up your toy to your partner's tunes, and find ecstasy in their favorite Kelly Clarkson song. Or, you know, whatever you're into.

8. Changing The Way We Wear Lingerie

Innovative lingerie has become a trend in of itself. There is no one brand for sexy, and with so many new lingerie lines out, there really is something for everyone. You can bring your fashion sense to your undergarments, because all-frilly everything isn't the only norm anymore. Now, lingerie can be worn as outerwear, "granny panties" are in, and sexy lines exclusively for men exist. The days of bustiers and fishnets are over — that is, if you want them to be!

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