Watch These Tiny Hamsters Enjoy A Perfect Tiny BBQ For All Your Fourth Of July Inspo Needs — VIDEO

The Tiny Hamster series is honestly my all time favorite YouTube phenomenon. At one point in the series, the Tiny Hamsters eat tiny burritos, and I swear on my life that there is nothing more holy. Their latest is Tiny Hamster's tiny BBQ — which is everything I ever wanted for the Fourth of July. It's fair to say that not every YouTube sensation appeals to every audience. (While I'm very open to giving video game compilations a chance, I think we can all assume that I'm not going to become a Pac-man video connoisseur anytime soon.) But in terms of YouTube videos, Tiny Hamsters have always, and will always appeal to me. And I truly don't understand anyone that doesn't see their universal appeal.

In the latest Tiny Hamsters video, they pull off a full barbecue, complete with quinoa burgers (yes, I live in southern California and I can spot a quinoa burger a mile away), vegetable skewers, pool time, and tiny sunglasses. (Tiny sunglasses, for me, is the pinnacle of adorableness.) Tiny hamsters have experienced some beautiful celebrations, most notably a tiki party, but they really went all out here. They be all night... looo-ooo-ooove.

Here's how you throw a tiny hamster BBQ:

First, prepare your tiny skewers and quinoa burgers:


Next, grill the food while your hamsters lay in the kiddie pool:


Serve up the feast:


Don't forget to invite the token rabbit friend:


Watch the full video:

#FourthOfJulyInspo, y'all.

Images: YouTube(5)