Watch This Woman Woman Fight Pac-Man After Her Surgery, Keeping David After Dentist's Legacy Alive — VIDEO

There is an entire section of the Internet devoted to people in hospital beds, on drugs, doing weirdly hilarious stuff. We've got David After Dentist, and then the perfect sequel, Walter Broke His Arm—both of which feature ridiculous kids, on ridiculous amounts of pain meds, flipping all of their $h*t$ about life. They're Internet darlings, and the latest in this bizarrely specific, drug-induced Internet genre is Jenn's Pac-Man. She just woke up from a surgery, and she's fighting off Pac-Man. And I'm even going to venture as far as saying that she's WINNING against her imaginary Pac-Man opponent. (Turns out her last name's Packham, so that MIGHT be why Pac-Man is the first thing her mind gravitated to after surgery.)

If you've ever gotten your wisdom teeth out, or been knocked out for a medical procedure, you're all too aware of the lol-worthy stuff you get up to. While I've never been on laughing gas (well, not at a doctor's office), I've heard some perfect post-wisdom teeth procedure stories, the best of which involved an 18-year-old boy trying to convince his mother to "draw him a bath." (Moment of silence for the idiocy that is teenage boys.)

Whether you find this to be on the same level as David and Walter in terms of hilarity, or you stumbled on this as a Pac-Man connoisseur and were sincerely disappointed to find that this was not a video game think piece, please enjoy this gif of Jenn Pac-Manning.


Here's the full video:

Jenn Pacmman on YouTube

She's definitely winning Pac-Man.

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