'Magic Mike XXL' Star Channing Tatum Channels His Inner Madonna & You'll Never See Voguing The Same Way Again — VIDEO

It's not a deep, dark secret that Magic Mike XXL actor Channing Tatum can dance — and strip. We watched him do it in Step Up and continue to drool over his skills in Magic Mike. However, did you know Channing Tatum can vogue? That's right, Tatum is the master at voguing, as proven in a video released by Vanity Fair. Before you ask, yes, you should add this to that "secret" file of Tatum I know you keep on your computer.

As Vanity Fair's August cover star, the actor did an interview (blah, blah, blah), but, most importantly, he filmed a 30-second video titled "Channing Tatum Busts 7 Dance Moves in 30 Seconds." It's the most glorious thing you'll watch on Hump Day. Also, if the video doesn't do it for you, here are gifs of Tatum dancing that you can watch over and over again. From the running man to the twist to the funky chicken to the hula to the pony to the robot to, finally, voguing, he proves he really can do it all.

I'll save you some time, because the best one is of the 35-year-old voguing. For real, I could watch this gif on repeat for the rest of time.

Thank you so much, Tatum, for letting us all watch you channel your inner Madonna.

Vanity Fair on YouTube