What Does A Tattoo Of A Rose Mean?

You're loving Demi's new rose tattoo, and the fragrant flower is perfect for expressing your wild heart ways. But before you go all lifelong and permanent, you want to know what does a tattoo of a rose mean? The first step is learning what the different colors of roses represent symbolically.

On a straightforward level, the rose will always represent beauty and nature. But digging deeper, the color of a rose can carry special significance, and can be a way to communicate a message, whether delivered as a gift, or inked on your body for the world to see.

Rose tattoos are fabulous, because no matter where you place them, they look elegant and vibrant. Select a smaller piece for a finger tattoo, or create a whole mythical landscape tattooed across your back and woven with the symbolic imagery of the rose.

As Shakespeare so famously wrote, "that which we call a rose/By any other name would smell as sweet." For centuries humankind has delighted in the delicate glory of the rose. A tattoo of a rose is timeless, and depending on the color, size, number of petals, if it has thorns, or where it is placed, your rose tattoo can mean a number of things.

To make sure you're sending out the right message, here is a breakdown of the rose color code as informed by Rose for Love.

Yellow Rose Tattoo

A yellow rose most commonly signifies friendship. It also can mean joy, luck, new beginnings, and in some cases, dying love.

White Rose Tattoo

A white rose is a symbol of pure and undying love. It can represent innocence, hence its common association with virginal brides. White roses are also a sign of purity, of reverence, and are used to honor the memory of someone.

Red Rose Tattoo

Red roses are the symbol of true love, romance, and passion. Some say that red rose tattoos with thorns have a darker meaning, but your body is your garden, sweetheart, and your red rose will mean what you want.

Black Rose Tattoo

Let's face it, there is something seductive about the sinister tone of a black rose tattoo. Yes, they often represent mourning and death, but they also can mean the death of an old way, the ushering in of change and new beginnings. Black roses have also been used as a sign of strength or rebellion, so beware if your interns start delivering them to your office.

Pink Rose Tattoo

Pink rose tattoos are not just for girly girls. Pink roses traditionally represent joy, grace, gratitude, and affection. From palest pink to deep fuchsia, pink rose tattoos are gorgeous.

Blue Rose Tattoo

Blue roses were created for our pleasure. And just as blue roses are not found in nature, blue rose tattoos are similarly mysterious and can represent the unattainable. These symbolize the allure of the impossible.

Purple Rose Tattoo

Purple roses have been used for centuries to convey majesty. You've always been royal, darling. Purple roses also symbolize enchantment and magnetism.

Or better yet, get a whole rainbow of rose tattoos to express the fabulosity that is your complex soul.

Images: Yujean Park/Flickr; Instagram (7)