What David Sweat Is Telling Investigators

It's only been a few days since escaped prisoner David Sweat was captured just outside the Canadian border. After evading authorities for weeks, Sweat made it within five miles before being gunned down and taken into custody by law enforcement on Sunday. He's now recovering from his injuries and sharing details of his and co-conspirator Richard Matt's June 6 escape from the Clinton Correctional Facility for the first time. What Sweat has told investigators is especially revelatory given the many assumptions that surrounded the daring prison break.

So far, two prison workers have been arrested in relation to the incident, while 12 others have been placed on administrative leave. Prison tailor Joyce Mitchell allegedly aided Matt and Sweat in their escape by providing tools and reportedly acting as a driver to help them flee. Likewise, officer Gene Palmer was also arrested for allegedly providing additional tools to the two. Matt was captured and fatally shot on June 26, thus Sweat stands as the lone survivor of the two to tell his tale. He considers himself the mastermind of the escape and doesn't necessarily have the kindest of words about his fellow inmate. According to CNN, Sweat told investigators that Matt was essentially dead weight. He also had some strong statements about Mitchell, though appears to have said nothing about Palmer.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images
  • According to Sweat, Matt was apparently too out of shape and too concerned with getting drunk for Sweat's liking. The two split up shortly after breaking into a cabin 20 miles from the upstate New York prison they'd escaped from. Sweat was still emotional about Matt's death, according to investigators.
  • Matt and Sweat were supposed to head to Mexico with Mitchell as their driver. Mitchell was romantically involved with Matt, according to Sweat, and the two escaped prisoners were allegedly going to kill her husband after she picked them up from a designated meeting spot outside the jail. Sweat said Mitchell never showed up, however.
  • Because Mitchell did not pick up the two men after they escaped the prison complex, Sweat told authorities they were forced to make do with zero plans on the outside. They had, however, been planning the prison escape since January.
  • The prisoners had already staged a "dry run" the previous evening before escaping. Sweat said the two men escaped from under the prison itself, popping out from a manhole only to find themselves in a highly visible residential area. They allegedly switched manholes to emerge from a more inconspicuous location.
  • Though Matt allegedly found a sledgehammer during their dry run, Sweat said the two only had hacksaws and a steam pipe as tools, instead of power tools as previously surmised by officials. Mitchell has previously admitted her involvement in stealing those hacksaws for Matt and Sweat.

Sweat is currently in Albany Medical Center recovering from his gunshot wounds. It's unclear when he will be released and at which correctional facility he may end up at next.

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