Chris Pratt Predicted 'Jurassic World' In 2010 'Parks And Recreation' Featurette & It's Simultaneousy Eerie & Wonderful — VIDEO

Welp, this is insane. In a behind-the-scenes featurette for Parks And Recreation from 2010, Chris Pratt appears to have predicted his Jurassic World role perfectly — years before chatter about a sequel even began to break online. He's an action star, comedian, and musician — and now, apparently, he can add "prophet" to his impressive resume.

In the clip, the Jurassic World prediction is clearly supposed to be a joke: Though the title Jurassic World isn't mentioned, the joke appeared when Pratt pretended to get an email from Steven Spielberg about an upcoming Jurassic Park 4 starring role — and was too busy to answer it. “I just got a text message… it’s from Steven Spielberg. God, so annoying," he said in the video, jokingly, before reading his "text message" response that's capped off with, “‘I’ll have to get back to you later about Jurassic Park 4.”

The joke abut Jurassic Park 4 is hilarious for a number of reasons, of course, but mostly because Jurassic World — in which Pratt played the hunky, charismatic lead and brought the movie to total box office domination — actually became a real thing only 5 years later. Pratt joked about this video with ET Online, saying, “I guess it just goes to show that if you read the book The Secret and you put things out there, they all come true.”

If this does mean Pratt is actually psychic, it looks like we may have just gotten our next prediction, too: In the ET Online interview, Pratt also decided to put his psychic powers to the test: "I guess I would put out there that I apologize for how long I went on in my Oscar speech," Pratt laughed, "I am really thrilled about the Oscar that I won for Best Cinematography, oddly."

Watch the prophetic video here (and get psyched for Pratt at the Oscars):

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