Clay & Da'Vonne Fight On 'Big Brother 17' & It's All Over The Smallest, Dumbest Thing

When you're cooped up in a house of complete strangers, surely things are going to get to you easier than IRL. Which could explain the fight that wins the award for Dumbest Fight in the History of Big Brother*. Allow me to explain: Clay and Da'Vonne argued on Big Brother 17 about Mama Day coming into one of the bedrooms counting things. Why did they continue to fight about something so silly? I have no clue, but the only good thing is that Clay got some serious camera time.

Day, being the Big Brother fan she is, believes a counting competition is coming up in the game. To prepare, she decided it would behoove her to walk around the house counting things like furniture, wall decorations, etc. It's not the craziest thing to do, although I think a memory challenge on Week 2 is a little early to worry about. Either way, Clay, Jeff, and Shelli saw Da'Vonne walking in and out of bedrooms and made a comment about it. Which she heard, and did not like. Enter damage control.

When Clay went to talk to Da'Vonne, per Jeff's suggestion, the two ended up having a very unnecessary disagreement on Da'Vonne's negative attitude. Day became really upset about the fact that Clay said she had a negative attitude, which she did not believe was the case. Clay said she was acting super paranoid about things and that she was overreacting. At a later time, per Audrey's suggestion, Clay re-apologized, saying he should never have talked to a woman that way (is he trying to melt me?), but I don't think it solved much between Da'Vonne and Clay.

My big takeaway from this is that Da'Vonne got to hug Clay.

*OK, there are dumber things houseguests have fought about. Gerry not washing his hands after using the bathroom and making a salad on Big Brother 3 comes to mind.

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Images: Cliff Lipson/CBS; Giphy