11 Reasons Stars Hollow Would Be The Best Vacation Spot

For lots of people, summer means heading somewhere with a beach or a hopping night life, but, in my not-so humble opinion, having a summer vacation in Stars Hollow would make that the greatest summer of them all. The setting for the Gilmore Girls must have had a thriving tourist industry. Not only was it home to a quaint inn, but it also had enough festivals to keep visitors busy for months. Additionally, there were lots of kitschy stores, and it was home to the dance studio of the acclaimed Miss Patty. Add in the quirky locals and the small town hospitality (Michel's not being rude, he's just adding a hint of flavor to your trip), and Stars Hollow is clearly the best summer vacation spot for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Or at least it would be if Stars Hallow wasn't fictional. Still, a fangirl can dream, can't she? I feel like you may need more convincing, so ready your mind palaces as I take you on a tour of Stars Hollow from the viewpoint of a tourist. Prepare to fall in love with Stars Hollow all over again, because the wonderful town had so much more to offer than it appeared to on the surface. It's not just small; it's Mayberry with style.

1. The Dragonfly Inn

The Dragonfly Inn offers more than your typical B&B experience. For one thing, the proprietor Lorelai Gilmore would never force you to mingle with the other guests against your will. Your stay will be whatever you want it to be, but always expect the unexpected. Sometimes, horses wander in from the outside, and doors are on the move. Still, you can settle down for a four star meal in the dining area, courtesy of chef extraordinaire Sookie St. James. Be sure to request the Norman Mailer table, and order a sweet tea!

2. Luke's Diner

Once you've had enough fancy meals at the Dragonfly Inn, sneak off to Luke's Diner for coffee, burgers, and local gossip. Babette and Miss Patty are pretty much always on hand to offer visitors gossip and ideas on how to spend their vacation in town.

3. Mrs. Kim's Antiques

Mrs. Kim has a truly awe-inspiring array of antiques. If you're going to haggle, though, you need to be made of sturdy stuff. I'm talking Emily Gilmore sturdy.

4. Hit A Local Festival

Trust me, no matter what time of the year you visit, there will be some sort of festival going on. All night dance marathons, Edgar Allen Poe conventions, picnic basket auctions, Civil War Reenactments, and Ice Cream Queen parades are just a few of the many, many events Stars Hollow plays host to.

5. Listen To The Troubadour

If you hang around the city center long enough, the town troubadour will eventually wander by singing his catchy, indie songs. Grab a blanket and listen. Occasionally, there's even a troubadour sing-off if the vegetable man comes to town.

6. Catch A Classic Movie

The local theater is not so much a theater as it is a projection machine in the library surrounded by couches, but you can bring your own snacks and lose your Pippi virginity. What more could you ask for? (A short film by local filmmaker Kirk! But that's a rare treat.)

7. Visit Le Chat Club

It's a store that only sales cat-related items. You know you want to go to there.

8. Drop By A Town Meeting

Your local town meetings may be boring, but a Stars Hollow town meeting is where the party's at, trust me.

9. Visit Miss Patty's Studio

No trip to Stars Hollow is complete without a visit with local legend, Miss Patty. Her dance studio is teeming with history, and she's always up for regaling people with tales of her exploits with the original Rat Pack and the rest of classic Hollywood's elite.

10. See Hep Alien Perform

Local rock band Hep Alien is on the road a lot these days, but they still play the occasional show in Stars Hollow, and you have to hear Lane Kim on the drums.

11. Sit In The Gazebo

Before you leave Stars Hollow, take a moment to sit in the gazebo right in the center of the town. Look out at the beautiful, special town you are about to leave behind and be grateful you spent your summer somewhere as off the beaten path as Stars Hollow.

Images: Warner Brothers Television; Giphy (9); xsilentgracex/Tumblr; fyeahgilmoregirls/Tumblr