Shark Week 2015 Full Schedule, Because There's Even A Show About Alien Sharks, Guys

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Their slogan is absolutely correct, Discovery Channel's Shark Week is definitely "the most wonderful week of the year." From July 5th to July 12th, Discovery gives us night after night of incredible facts, footage, myths and real-life accounts about sharks and shark encounters. Whether you're a nature and animal mega-fan or not, the television event is awesome. And, the full Shark Week 2015 schedule looks to be just as badass as ever before. But, with even more hours of shark-tastic footage, which specials should you make sure to catch?

I've got your definitive ranking of the schedule from least to most interesting, so you can plan your week accordingly. But, to be fair, every program on Shark Week is pretty cool, and you're definitely in for a treat this year.

Images: Screenshot/Discovery Channel

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