How To Tell 'BB17' Twins Liz & Julia Apart

by Orli Matlow

Big Brother 17 introduced one of this season's big twists, and fans haven't been able to stop talking about it. In addition to bringing in Jeff Weldon and Jackie Ibarra from The Amazing Race, there's also the re-introduction of a fun little surprise from Big Brother Season 5: The Twin Twist. Although the identity of the twins is supposed to be a secret, Internet-savvy fans soon figured out that houseguest Liz Nolan has a twin named Julia, with whom she has modeled before .The twins' strategy will likely revolve around their twinhood, and they will almost certainly try to use their likeness to their advantage. But how can an eagle-eyed fan tell the twins apart on Big Brother?

When the twist was first introduced back in Season 5, a set of twins played as ONE PERSON (yes, they traded off!), fooling both the audience and their fellow houseguests. Adria and Natalie Montgomery were the tricky twins in that season (just going as Adria), fooling people for the first 35 days until they ultimately introduced Natalie. It remains one of the coolest twists in the annals of Big Brother history.

There's a lot Liz and Julia can do to use their twinness to their advantage in the game. First and foremost, they have an immediate alliance, by virtue of biology. They can also pose as the other twin to get people to gossip. Who hasn't fantasized about being like, "Oh no, I'm the twin, but what do you really think of my sister?" They can also send the other one to do some more dirty work and digging, and then report back to one another.

So, fans, I hope you're reading this, because here are signs you can use to tell them apart before and after the reveal, and thus not fall victim to their games.

1. Julia's nose is narrower and pointier.

2. Liz has a slightly larger bust.

3. Julia's eyes are slightly wider.

4. Julia's arms are slightly skinner.

5. Liz has fuller lips.

6. Julia's chin is pointier.

7. Liz's chin is longer.

Well, they are identical twins, so these little subtle differences are the best we can do to keep them separate in our heads for now. So, fans, look at the chin of the Nolan in front of you, and that will be your biggest giveaway.

Image: Getty Images