'Parenthood's 10 Most Heartbreaking Moments Of All Time

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It's hard to convince people to watch Parenthood . A general version of the argument goes something like this: "It's a drama about family and their relationships and all their issues, like this mom who has an autistic son and then she got cancer, and this other woman who's thinking of cheating on her husband and whose daughter is a brat and whose son used to hate her, and this young couple — Ryber forever!! —who was totally perfect but now he might have to go to jail because of PTSD from the war and..."

Like I said: it's hard. Parenthood is an excellent show, but there's no denying that it's also really, really depressing. Sure, there are plenty of moments of levity in each episode, but overall, it's kind of a bummer. Over the course of the show's five seasons, plotlines ranging from car crashes to chemotherapy have caused viewers to spend an hour each Thursday night sobbing into a box of tissues. And yet that's exactly why we love it; Parenthood knows how to pull at your heartstrings, no matter how cynical a viewer may be.

Although there were many to choose from, we've managed to pick the ten most heartbreaking moments the show's ever seen. Note; there's a lot of Kristina (blame the cancer) and zero Crosby — the guy's just too damn happy all the time. Read on if you're brave, but don't forget the tissues — trust us, you'll need them.

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