How To Make Deep-Fried Apple Pie For The Fourth Of July, Because There's No Better Way To Celebrate America — VIDEO

As far as food goes, nothing screams "USA" louder than apple pie... except for maybe this deep-fried apple pie recipe. Is there seriously anything more American than taking something already sweet and delicious and perfect, and then dousing it in hot oil and covering it with more sugar? I would say no. It is this type of creativity and brave willingness to try anything that makes this country beautiful. That, and liberty and justice for all. My fellow Americans, celebrate our nation's independence this Fourth of July by exercising your freedom to deep fry things like pie with reckless abandon (but I mean, be safe about it... you don't want blistering hot canola oil in your eyes or anything).

So how does one go about making deep-fried apple pie? I gotta say, it's pretty easy. We used apple pie filling and empanada wrappers to essentially make mini apple hand pies. Then we tossed them into the deep fryer for two minutes until they were golden, crispy perfection, sprinkled them with powdered sugar, and let them cool. It only took one bite for us to realize that this is how apple pie should always be eaten — it was honestly just that good.

So gather up your ingredients and your patriotic spirit, and get ready for a deep-fried American feast. See our full tutorial in the video below:

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Image and video: Bustle