Miley Cyrus Thinks "Gender Is Over"

by Augusta Statz

Hannah Montana recently proved she's a marriage equality supporter with a “Gay O.K.” pin, and now she’s turned her fashion statements toward another major issue. Miley Cyrus wore a “Gender Is Over” tank, yet again standing up for what she believes in by letting her style do the talking. I think at this point it’s safe to assume that Cyrus would approve of anything that involves being yourself and feeling free. Way to lead the way to tolerance, Miley!

What’s even better about her statement-making top is that you can snag one, too! It’s only $25 and proceeds go to an LGBTQ centered charity organization. I’ll take a few! Don’t mind if I do — especially if it's for charity.

Punk artist Laura Jane Grace was first seen wearing the shirt soon after Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair debut. I’m loving all of the support from these artists! They’re taking a stand for what they believe in through fashion, which is always really cool, but they’re not forcing you to change the way you are, necessarily. It’s more about acceptance than anything.

Technically, the shirt reads “Gender Is Over” with the words “If You Want It” in small print. “The ‘if you want it’ is a really important part!” one of the designers of the shirt told The Media. “If gender is an important part of your identity, that’s totally valid. I get upset about gender when it’s coercive, but coercing people to opt out would be just as bad.”

No pressure here. It’s all about acceptance, people.

Toungue out. Thumb up. Looks like the official Miley Cyrus stamp of approval to me.

To buy a shirt like this for yourself, visit the Gender Is Over website.