7 Australian Beauty Vloggers On YouTube Who Will Transform Your Makeup Routine, From Lauren Curtis To Chloe Morello

The Internet certainly has a way of making the world seem pretty small, especially since I'm currently super into taking advice from Australian beauty vloggers on YouTube halfway across the globe. I couldn't be more grateful for the world wide web because thanks to those Aussie beauty gurus, I can round up the best tutorials and learn crucial makeup tips and tricks to achieve a beauty look that makes me feel flawless.

Like all kinds of people across the world, Australians have their own culture, of course, and that can certainly be reflected in their makeup and beauty routines. In my time spent watching these vloggers, I've deduced that Aussies value a good tan more than some of us do (I'm as pale as paper), and they love busting out the bright-colored eyeshadows as well. They collectively prove that makeup isn't just a hobby, but a talent as well. After all, you need a special kind of commitment to ensure the relentless Australian sun doesn't melt away your foundation.

Here are four inspirational and super talented Australian beauty vloggers that will not only entertain you with their fabulous accents but also give you valuable insight and advice to applying your own makeup. You'll be doing your own makeup like a pro in no time.

1. Karissa Pukas

Karissa Pukas on YouTube

When it comes to cool girl style with a girly twist and blended looks in bright colors, Karissa Pukas is your girl. Although she's not natively from Australia (she's originally from Canada), Pukas resides in Aussie territory, where she vlogs about beauty and lifestyle. Having been subscribed to Pukas' channel for years, I can attest to her smoky eye skills and brilliant foundation tips. Plus, her style and travel vlogs give her channel the perfect lifestyle balance.

2. Lauren Curtis

Lauren Curtis on YouTube

If there's one Australian beauty vlogger guru on YouTube that most people have heard of, it's Lauren Curtis. The blonde beauty is everyone's go-to for natural yet glam beauty looks that are totally wearable for various different occasions. Every once in a while, Curtis will release a look (like the one above) where her MUA skills are really displayed as well. Just look at that eyeliner. It's almost architectural. If crazy looks like this aren't your thing, however, she has plenty of everyday tips and tricks throughout each and every one one of her videos. Not to mention, you'll be cracking up throughout. Curtis' humor is definitely the cherry on top of a beauty vlog sundae.

3. Chloe Morello

Chloe Morello on YouTube

After only a few minutes of watching Chloe Morello's videos on YouTube, you find out two things about her: She's an extremely talented makeup artist, and she's a huge goofball. Unsurprisingly, these two combinations make for some pretty entertaining, inspiring, and informative makeup tutorials on YouTube. Whether she's vlogging her visit to the spa to get a haircut or filming a sexy smoky eye application for a night on the town, Morello's skills are undeniable. Her taste is definitely high end, as you'll see in the products she uses. With honest reviews and insider tips, however, her videos are worth watching no matter what your beauty budget may be.

4. Danielle Mansutti

Danielle Mansutti on YouTube

Subtle beauty is what this Brit-born Aussie lives for, which is evident in her effortlessly pretty tutorials. Danielle Mansutti has perfected the "eyebrows on fleek" look with a clear complexion and a matte, contoured look. Her tutorials are always honest and always very accessible, whether you have a makeup collection the size of Russia or a just a few essentials. She proves that everyone can achieve the look they're going for with a little practice, and that no hairstyle or eyeliner flick is impossible to do.

5. Karima McKimmie

Karima McKimmie on YouTube

For drastic before and after photos that use only a few different products, Karima McKimmie is your girl. For McKimmie, and most of these talented and stunning Aussie ladies, makeup is more than something you just throw on. In the above tutorial, and almost all of tutorials on her channel, color placement, blending, and pairing become practiced and tested art forms. As she says, "one big muddy mess" ain't fun when you're trying to achieve the perfect smoky eye. But fear not, McKimmie's got your back.

6. Rachel Anderson

Rachelleea on YouTube

What I like about Rachel Anderson's YouTube channel, Rachelleea, is that she's completely and utterly genuine and relatable with her viewers. You can tell through her product reviews, tutorials, and DIY videos that she's giving upfront and personal tips and advice. Plus, her celebrity tutorials are absolutely impeccable, as you can see from her Taylor Swift "Blank Space" video. Whether you want to look like Taylor Swift or just want some really good beauty and lifestyle insight, Anderson's page is a go-to.

7. Jess Bunty

Jess Bunty on YouTube

Jess Bunty's channel, which is jam packed with travel vlogs, lifestyle advice, at home beauty remedies, and acne covering makeup tutorials, displays her creativity, fun personality, and willingness to try things out (oatmeal face mask included). Think of her as your virtual dermatologist. With an enthralling channel like this Aussie's, hours will be gone before you know it.

Images: ChloeMorello/YouTube