93-Year-Old Man's Song For Hillary Clinton Proves That He Is More Ready For Hillary Than Any Of Us — VIDEO

If you are Ready For Hillary and are equally ready for your heart to burst into several thousand pieces, then you need to see this video. It's a 93-year-old man singing for Hillary Clinton (and yes, it's a song he wrote himself.) He composed this campaign song over a year ago and mailed it on a CD to the Clinton campaign, hoping Hillary would get to see it. (I assume that while the Clinton campaign sincerely appreciated it, they get several hundred CDs every day and probably send most of them back to 2007 where they belong.) Luckily, Jerry met Katie Miller at Silvercrest Senior Residence in Santa Monica, CA and she helped him update his #dreamz to 2015 status by putting his video on YouTube.

We chatted with Katie about Jerry's song and she said:

"He wrote this campaign song for her about year ago, recorded it on a 'compact disc,' and tried giving it to her campaign team. Unfortunately, he never heard from her. He doesn't use the internet so he doesn't really understand how YouTube works but I told him I would try to get as many people as possible to watch his video and hopefully Hillary would eventually see it."

Katie is our favorite samaritan, needless to say.

The residents of Silvercrest (especially Jerry) are holding their breath to see if Hillary will get to see his contribution to the campaign.

Meet Jerry:

I can only imagine he will be flown out the Hillary's Brooklyn HQ any day now.

Watch the full video here:

Katie Miller on YouTube

Let's just go over these lyrics real quick:

I've heard all the candidates speak and I think there's one who's unique,

She's the one who I can't wait to meet,

That's Hillary Clinton.

She's smart and very capable too

And I think she'll do the right thing for you,

So when you vote, you know what to do,

Vote Hillary Clinton.

Integrity, experience, she has it all,

As secretary of state, she traveled the world,

And if she's elected, it will benefit all,

So don't dilly dally, let's all start a rally.

Don't hesitate, she's the one you should choose,

No one else can fill her shoes,

Give her your vote and you won't sing the blues,

So go to the polls and do as your told and vote for Hillary.

And maybe someday, when you're old and gray you'll vote for Chelsea.

If that's not kicking off your fourth of July weekend right, nothing will.

Images: Getty Images; YouTube