Hillary Clinton Memes Have Obviously Taken Over

by Jessica Blankenship

As you might expect, the Internet handled the announcement that Hillary Clinton is running for President in 2016 the same way it handles...well, anything: It memed the hell out of it. Sure, the news that the United States might be well on its way to finally seeing its long-awaited first woman president elicited a din of more conventionally phrased commentary about Clinton's viability as a candidate—assuredly, the tweets, cable news roundtables, op-ed pieces, and Facebook statuses from your opinionated uncle will continue until the election next year, covering everything from Clinton's potential as the possible Democratic nominee, to early notions about what a Clinton administration would or would not be like. People, expectedly, have a great many thoughts about this announcement — and some of them can simply only be told through the New Great American Artform, the meme.

The onslaught of memes about Hillary Clinton's campaign announcement should not be even remotely surprising. This, for better or worse, is what we do. It's how we process, contextualize, and offer commentary on everything from embarrassingly heated debate over the color of a dress to the profound misery of a blizzard. It's how we, the collective People Of The Internet, both poke fun at how seriously we take frivolous issues (looking at you, Nationwide Super Bowl ad) and find relief in attaching a bit of levity to things that cause us legitimate pain. And when it comes to the biggest (even if least shocking) political news of the year, the meme machine was working overtime. There's that innovative spirit America is known for. Proud of us, guys. So proud.

Images: Getty Images