Can Joe Manganiello Really Dance? The ’Magic Mike XXL' Star Has Some Major Skills — VIDEOS

Here's one thing for certain about Magic Mike XXL: no matter how you feel about the plot or the music, you won't be disappointed by the film's casting. Featuring actors like Channing Tatum and Matt Bomer in they key roles, the sequel puts plenty of great actors to use, and each one of them makes his or her scenes totally worthwhile. One of them stands out in particular — Joe Manganiello, who plays Richie. The True Blood actor kills in the role, showing off moves you'd never expect, and that rival Tatum's skills as an entertainer. But can Joe Manganiello really dance? Sure, he was cast in the film, but that doesn't mean he's actually able to hold his own on a dance floor like Magic Mike XXL co-stars Tatum or tWitch.

He may not be a professional like those two, but the actor is certainly no amateur, either. In both Magic Mike XXL and its predecessor, he captivates audiences with his dance moves, and is able to switch from hilarious to sexy in a matter of seconds. Like the other actors in the film, he worked with a choreographer for his routines, and trained for months (although much of that time was devoted to bulking up, a fact fans like myself certainly appreciate). As anyone who's seen Magic Mike XXL can attest, the commitment was worth the effort; Manganiello's dance moves, including those he shows off during a pivotal scene in a mini-mart, are endlessly watchable, and seriously impressive.

His co-stars, even the professionals, are also awed by his talent; in an interview with ETOnline, Tatum called his friend's moves "terrifyingly unreal," adding that his dancing would "blow people's minds." Lindsey Moser, who co-starred in the mini-mart scene, echoed Tatum's words to Cosmopolitan, saying that although there was a choreographer at the ready, Manganiello didn't need much assistance.

"She helped him — not that he needed it, he was doing a wonderful job," Moser said.

Having seen the beautiful sequence, I couldn't agree more. The mini-mart scene may not be available to watch online just yet, but these five videos are proof that Manganiello takes his dancing very, very seriously:

1. When He Taught Conan How To Strip

Team Coco on YouTube

Magic Mike 3: Talk Show Hosts Take the Stage?

2. When He Danced With His Fiance

Entertainment Tonight on YouTube

There's no better dancing partner than Sofia Vergara.

3. When He Stripped For Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams on YouTube

Seriously: what's up with the talk shows?

4. When This Happened


5. And, Of Course, When He Danced In Magic Mike

Gao Gundam on YouTube

There's nothing like the original.

Thank you, Joe Manganiello, for sharing with the world your beautiful talent, and giving us the gift that is Magic Mike XXL.

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