Joe Manganiello’s Backstreet Boys Dance From 'Magic Mike XXL' Has To Be Seen To Be Believed — VIDEOS

The worst thing about movie premieres is that you can’t always find the time to make them, despite how much you may want to. If you’re having this particular problem, say, with Channing Tatum’s newest flick, don’t fret. You may not be able to get a glimpse of Magic Mike XXL’s Joe Manganiello's Backstreet Boys dance just yet, but there are ways to cope in the meantime — ways that don’t include sulking in pity and/or making Vines of frustration about it.

If you’re unable to see the film in theaters just yet, or if you have and you’ve just got another hankering for the particularly sultry dance Manganiello totally slays in the Magic Mike XXL trailer, you’re in luck. No, I can’t personally deliver you the actor himself, because that’d be sort of weird and illegal, but I can sate your need for that certain brand of sexy, choreographed dancing. Considering that the glorious Manganiello strut and grind is only available in full in the movie, I’ve decided to be proactive about the situation and do what any good desperate person would: find the next best thing.

Here are five other videos like Magic Mike XXL’s Backstreet Boys dance that should be able to tide you over in the meantime:

If You Were A Particular Fan Of When This Happened...

Or, When That Happened...

And, Especially When This Took Place...

Then, you might want to check out these videos to bide your time:

1. The Orange is the New Black Soldier Dance

Elizabeth C on YouTube

*Heart eyes emoji*

2. The "Pony" Dance From The First Magic Mike

Stephanie Levine on YouTube

You know, for nostalgic purposes....

3. These Dudes Who Stripped Down On Britain's Got Talent

Britain's Got Talent on YouTube

Stay tuned, there are suspenders and crotch close-ups.

4. That Time Joe Mangianello Gave Conan O'Brien A Stripping Tutorial

Team Coco on YouTube

If you're into that sort of thing, fast forward to1:25.

5. Last, But Certainly Not Least, This Gift From Australia's Got Talent

HipToeKnee on YouTube

In fact, you may just want to look up all of Dylan Yeandle's videos.

I hope these substitutes have properly quenched your thirst — at least, for now.

Images: MOVIECLIPS Trailers/YouTube (4)