Watch These Kids React To The Same-Sex Marriage Ruling So We Can All Cry Happy Tears For The Next Generation — VIDEO

Where were you when same-sex marriage was legalized in the U.S.? I'm sad for everyone born after June 26, 2015, because they won't get to answer that question. (Actually, I'm happy for everyone born after June 26, because they will never live in an America that refuses to give same-sex couples the right to marry.) Going back to where you were when gay marriage was legalized: Fine Bros. Entertainment filmed kids reacting to the gay marriage ruling and it is the most priceless video. (Honestly, I think the best part isn't their jubilation or their questions, it's that they watch the screen with absolute reverence trying to catch every word of President Obama's speech.)

They also make some pretty on point realizations. Shout out to the one girl who marvels at the fact that this is going to be in history books in 10 years. (It better make history books sooner than that, but I really like where this girl's head is at.) While some of the younger kids have questions, the older kids knowledge is pretty impressive. We are raising some excellent youths here, is what I'm trying to say.

Here are a few reactions we were partial to:

This chick who knows what's up:


This adorable boy who has a few questions:


This girl reacting to the facts:


This kid who hit the nail on the head:


Watch the full video and look out for the kid in the beige cap because (not to play favorites) but I'm obsessed with him:

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This is a wonderful weekend to celebrate America, people.

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