A Huge Secret Is Finally Exposed On 'Power'

"So honey, how was work?" This may just be the most most damning sentence uttered on Starz's series Power. After catching Tommy's unstable lady-love Holly and listening to her stand by her man for hours, Angela finally gets her alone (in the ladies' room, where else?). After trying to get her to flip on Tommy as Ghost, Holly finally puts her keen eye for people to good use: she pinpoints Angela as the woman Ghost slept with in the club. In a scene that clearly mirrored the season opener, Holly said what Angela had been too blind to see all along, and finally Angela learned that James St. Patrick is Ghost. Holly's disbelief at Angela's ignorance matched Tommy's gleeful reaction, and Angela's stunned heartbreak was a dead-ringer for Jamie.

Except this time, it isn't a cheating drug-dealer (lovable though he may be) discovering the truth about his mistress. This time it's a dedicated agent, who has spent years trying to put bad guys behind bars realizing that the love of her life has been lying to her, manipulating her for information. Her childhood sweetheart is the criminal she has spent years chasing. It is wrenching to watch her fall apart in the bathroom, then try and pull herself back together again. But bounce back she does, and when Jamie shows up at her apartment unannounced (clingy much?), she echoes his line in the season opener when he first began using her for information. It's cold, and perfect.

Things are clearly going to get worse for Angela as her ex-boyfriend and very current co-worker Greg watches her take a rainy stroll with person of interest Jamie. While some may be worried that Angela will lose her job over this, I don't think that's the case. I'm guessing that she turns the tables on Jamie and goes fully undercover to try and arrest him. She could use their current relationship for a huge career boost. Maybe that's a little cold-blooded, but it's certainly not any worse then what Jamie has been doing to her.

Image: Starz