Tasha Is In Some Serious Danger On 'Power'

Kanan is one scary piece of work. Sure, we've known for ages that he's trying to murder Ghost and we've seen him beat and shoot people point blank, but this week's episode of Power took it to the next level. After manipulating his newest mentee (drug dealer apprentice?) into doubting the only member of his crew who was standing up to Kanan, he kidnapped and tortured the guy — then Kanan made his friend kill him. So yeah, I was pretty relieved when Ghost figured out Kanan is trying to kill him and take over his drug empire. I mean, it took him long enough, though I guess I can understand why, since Kanan is a mentor and father-figure to Ghost. Still, these are issues Ghost is going to need to get over and fast because as it turns out, Kanan has more reasons to want to kill him besides just, well, power.

In a perfect twist, it turns out that Tasha and Ghost were the ones who put "Uncle K" in jail in the first place. My guess is they wanted him out of the way so they could run the streets the way Ghost wanted to, without his murder-impulses messing everything up. It's unclear if Kanan has figured that part out, but he very clearly wants something from Tasha. He showed up at her house with presents for her and the kids, offering to give her "anything Ghost isn't" (which I'm fairly sure is a not-so-subtle sex offer). All of the points go to Tasha this week for smiling at him so sweetly while holding a loaded gun behind her back. That woman knows how to handle herself.

So the question is does he really want to just sleep with her — or is he just trying to lure her into trusting him so that he can use her to hurt Ghost, and then maybe even kill Tasha? It's hard to tell, but my guess is Kanan wouldn't hesitate to kill her, even if he had no idea she was behind his stint in the slammer. This guy is ruthless and he wants everything Ghost has, it doesn't matter who he kills to get it.

Ghost had better find a way to either make up with Tasha or protect her from afar, because Kanan clearly has his sights set on her — and that means nothing but trouble.

Images: Starz; hey--joe/Tumblr