Kylie Jenner Rocks "Seriously F—k You" T-Shirt Letting Us Know How She Really Feels

Kylie Jenner has far more than her fair share of critics. Whether it's people saying that she's famous for being famous or internet commenters just exhausted from hearing her name, Jenner's got haters. Well, she's apparently got a message for them. Kylie Jenner's "Seriously, F—k you" tee shirt sent a message loud and clear to those out there looking to criticize her, and honestly, the shirt is pretty great. What better way to tell paparazzi to get the hell on than to put it on your shirt?

This isn't the first time that Jenner has sported a graphic tee. Back in January, the youngest Jenner rocked a "I'm somebody's DUFF" shirt. In case you aren't sure what DUFF stands for, it's an acronym for "Designated Ugly Fat Friend." It's not exactly a term of endearment, and many took issue with the fact that a stunning young woman like Jenner would wear such a shirt. If Jenner is a DUFF, what does that make the rest of us? Others, however, saw Jenner rocking the shirt as a sign of empowerment and ownership of a term that is overwhelmingly negative. There's not much information along the lines of why Jenner chose to wear this shirt, but for whatever reason, she's clearly got an affinity for slogan tees that get people talking.

Jenner's latest tee took things a bit further than her DUFF look. The latest "Seriously F—k You" slogan was slyly placed on the side of the reality star's top. She paired the explicit tee with tightly fitted leather leggings and a mini backpack. The look was definitely causal and also a super laid back way to send a clear message to those hating on Kylie.

Curious as to where you can nab a shirt to send a message like Kylie's? We got a couple that'll make sure those who cross your path totally understand how you're feeling.

1. Eff You See Kay Owe Eff Eff T-Shirt

$17.99, Feeling Good Tees

2. Pretty As F—k

$16.00; Armitee/Etsy

3. IDFWU Tee

$18.00 Lions and Daisies/Etsy

Images: Courtesy of brands