Why Did Audrey Vote For Jackie On 'Big Brother 17'? Her Game Strategy Is Confusing

I've alternated my time watching Big Brother being annoyed with Jace and totally confused by Audrey. Although she started the competition off strong, Audrey's Big Brother strategy quickly devolved into making a million alliances and employing some seriously erratic game play. Perhaps the weirdest move being that Audrey was the only person to vote to evict Jackie instead of Jace. A really interesting decision considering she and Jace had it out not long before when he accused her of lying and manipulating.

So, why did Audrey vote to save Jace even though literally everyone else voted him out? (Apparently he told them to do that so as not to let his friends get taken down by the house.) Well, I think it's just another move in a long line of strange decisions that superfan Audrey's been making. Even Jace couldn't really explain her actions. When asked by Julie Chen why he thought Audrey voted that way he said, "She's in a very tight position right now." Not sure how voting against the house is going to help her get out of that, but OK.

I'm not sure what Audrey's strategy is, but she seems to be self-sabotaging. Yesterday on the live feeds she spent all day alone in bed while the rest of the house bonded. She refused to speak to anyone who came into her room (except for Jace) and just generally isolated herself. She's basically making her move to be the next evicted at this point.

Maybe she has a secret genius plan that she's in the process of carrying out? I don't know. But, I do know I'm excited to see where this goes, no matter which direction it takes.

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Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS