Watch Princess Elsa Challenge A Guy To A Dance-Off That Puts All Other Dance-Offs To Shame — VIDEO

Confession: I haven't seen Frozen. I just know there's Elsa and then there's the sister. I could Google the sister to find out exactly what her deal is, but to be honest, I don't need to do that in order to fully appreciate the happenings in this video. This video, it should be noted, mixes together three things that are all, separately, hilarious to watch: confrontation, people dressed up like Disney characters and dance-offs. In the words of Olaf the Snowman*, put 'em together it just makes sense: It's a guy having a dance-off with Princess Elsa. It starts off calmly and then ESCALATES in under 10 seconds. There are a few ups and downs—at one point it really does look like the guy is sincerely angry with Princess Elsa. But then, against all odds, he busts a move. (Actually, his skills aren't quite good enough to be considered "busting a move," but like, he's trying and we give him credit for that.)

We're not too sure what kind of party this is (a child's birthday party, I'd assume), but either way we're fairly torn up by the fact that we didn't get an invite. It seems like a party you really wanted to be at, but only got to see it on Instagram. Like when Leo DiCaprio goes to the SoHo House. Only different.

Let's get back to the dance-off.

So, Princess Elsa starts dancing:


And it really seems like the guy isn't going to take the bait.

But then.

He does.

Check it out:


I don't know that it's super appropriate for a children's birthday. But no one seems too concerned. Watch the full video:

*A meddling Frozen-obsessed editor may or may not have added this un-crucial Olaf reference.

Images: Disney, SoFloAntonio/Facebook(2)