8 Signs You Are About To Get Dumped

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you will probably be broken up with at least once in your life. It’s not going to be pretty and it definitely won’t feel good, but you will eventually heal from that wound. If there was ever a way to make a breakup easier, you would most likely do it. Take it from a girl that was broken up with and had zero inclination prior — a breakup is easier when you know it’s coming. That way you can mentally prepare yourself. So, instead of thinking you’re going over to your significant other's house to “hang out,” you can see the signs and better prepare yourself for what might be coming. Or better yet, if you notice these signs, you talk to your partner about them before a breakup talk even needs to happen. You might not be able to avoid ending the relationship, but at least you won't feel blindsided by the entire event.

Being aware of the dynamics in your relationship is the key here. It’s important to know when something isn’t right and to speak up and communicate. So if you notice any of these things below happening, you might want to start preparing yourself for a two-some becoming a one-some.

1. Your partner is physically distant

When things aren’t going so well in your relationship, both of you will move away from each other in the physical sense. That means, you will be spending less time together. Your partner might not be making time for you anymore. Or maybe, you and your significant other are literally on opposite sides of the room, your bed, the couch, etc. If your partner is hard to read, start becoming more aware of his or her body language and you’ll be able to read your partner like a book.

2. Your partner is emotionally distant

If your partner has one foot out the door, he or she won’t only be physically distant, but it will show up emotionally as well. Your partner will appear closed off — not sharing his or her feelings and emotions with you. It will feel as if your lover has a huge wall up. A wall too difficult to push past.

3. There's a lack of sex

Great sex is an indicator of a happy and healthy relationship. And when there's a drastic decrease, it can also be a sign that something isn’t right. If your partner keeps making excuses not to get down and dirty with you, warning signs should be going off in your head. If you are getting rejected over and over again in the bedroom, you might want to prepare yourself for a bigger rejection.

4. You're living separate lives

Before a breakup, you might start to feel as if you and your partner are living in two separate worlds. You have different interests, different friends and basically different lives. It feels as if you two can’t connect on anything anymore. If you don’t feel as if you two are on the same page anymore, let alone same life, it’s time to question things.

5. You're not communicating as much

If your partner is contemplating breaking up with you, you might notice communication has gone out the window. This means no more texting 24/7. Phone calls asking how each other’s day at work was have ceased. Communicating about your relationship isn’t happening anymore. If there’s an issue, your partner doesn’t even seem to want to try and work it out. If the passion and dedication for the relationship is slowly dying, it sounds like your relationship might be too.

6. There are no more future talks

If you and your partner used to talk about your dream wedding and fight over the names of your future children, and now, these subjects are no longer coming up — a breakup might be in the works. I’m not saying you need to talking about the future constantly. However, it’s a huge sign if your partner is steering away from these types of conversations.

7. Any PDA is gone

If you lean in for a kiss out in public with your loved one, and he or she turns away, you might want to turn and walk in other direction because a breakup could be in your future. If your significant other is thinking about ending it with you, he or she will for sure cut back on the PDA. So say BRB before the PDA is gone, gone, gone.

8. You’re questioning the relationship too

If you’ve Googled “is my partner going to break up with me?” then you probably already know the answer. If you are questioning your other half staying, then you’re already halfway there. You should feel completely secure in the relationship, even if you’re going through rocky times. You deserve to have a partner that will stay by your side. So, if you’re questioning your relationship and not feeling confident your mate is going to stay, your instinct says it all.

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