Amanda Seyfried Reveals She Wants A Child "Badly," So Here Are 7 Reasons Why She'd Be The Best Mom Ever

Amanda Seyfried has played a lot of roles in her life (Karen from Mean Girls is obviously the pinnacle), but the one she wants to play most right now is none other than Mom. And when Amanda Seyfried wants to be a mom, she wants it something fierce. Speaking to Marie Claire UK, the actress revealed her deep desire to have a kid — and soon.

"I keep feeling like my eggs are dying off. Once you've turned 30, you might only have a 20 percent [chance] of getting pregnant [each cycle]. And that's if everything is working well. Isn't that crazy?" she told the magazine. "I need to get on it... I want a child, badly. I've been feeling it it for like, two years. I'm not ready, but nobody is ready."

It pretty much goes without saying that Amanda Seyfried would make the best mom ever (I mean, she is a pretty kickass human being besides being a seriously talented actress), but just in case it needs to be said again: Amanda Seyfried would make the best mom ever. And here are seven (count 'em!) amazing reasons why.

1. She is already the world's best mom to her pets

Anyone who follows Seyfried on Instagram knows that her love for her furry friends knows no bounds. She's particularly close with her dog ("Finn is always my Valentine," she told PEOPLE once) but loves her cats just as much. And when someone treats their pets as well as the actress treats hers (their relationships are precious AF), you just know she'll make an awesome people parent, too.

2. She's super close with her family

Seyfried grew up in Allentown, PA (home of my sister's alma mater, whattup) and has a strong sense of family — a quality that she would undoubtedly pass onto her own kids.

"I was in Allentown last weekend and didn’t want to come back," she revealed to Vogue, a sentence that basically sums up her love of family in just a few words. Plus, she constantly posts adorable photos of her nana on Instagram and it will just melt your heart right into a puddle.

3. She and Justin Long may be the cutest celebrity couple on the face of this earth

Assuming that her Longtime boyfriend Justin Long would be the father of said child, this kid would grow up with so much love (and so many Twizzlers).

4. She is passionate about children's charities

A true mark of a genuinely kind person (and one who would make an amazing parent).

5. She will teach her kids the importance of Disney classics

As evidenced by the fact she still has this Little Mermaid sheet set that I TOTALLY HAD AS A KID TOO. Twinsies.

6. Her boobs can predict the weather

Well, they can tell when it's raining. And should she decide to breastfeed (that's her decision and literally none of my business), her meteorology methods just make 'em extra special.

7. She's a massive hugger, which is probably the best quality a mom could have

"Amanda Seyfried is a serious hugger," begins her Vogue profile. "Even in our newly hug-happy world, one in which political rivals routinely embrace one another like sorority sisters at a reunion, Seyfried’s capacity for the deep hug stands out." And there ain't no hug like a mom hug. True facts.

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