9 Questions 'Pretty Little Liars' Fans Ask Themselves During Every Episode, Because A's Identity Isn't The Only Mystery

It's no secret that fans love Pretty Little Liars because it keeps viewers asking questions and keep audiences on their toes with its multilayered mystery. There are so many unanswered questions it's become impossible to even keep track. "Who is A?" is just the tip of the iceberg. And let's be honest, every time we've gotten an A reveal, it's turned out the character is actually a red herring, a concerned significant other trying to infiltrate the A team for answers, or — at best — a pawn being used by Big A to execute his or her demands.

We thought we maybe, sort-of had an answer with Charles DiLaurentis... and then psyche! Turns out he's six feet under and someone has assumed his identity to torment Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer. (Although, I remain unconvinced that Charles is dead, because we've been tricked by death certificates before.)

The show's central mysteries are far from its only enigmas. Every time we're watching an episode of Pretty Little Liars, there are quite a few thoughts and questions running through our minds. Sure, they may not be as important as "Who is A?", but we would still appreciate some insight.

1. Is There A Single Member Of The Rosewood PD Who Isn't Totally Incompetent Or Corrupt?

Nope. They really should re-think their hiring process.

2. Is There A Store In Rosewood Dedicated Solely To Ruffled Yellow Tank Tops?

I'm starting to think that hideous top is what triggered this creepy chain of events in the first place.

3. How In The World Does A Have The Money To Fund All This?

Paying for multiple lairs, savvy tech gear, and countless pairs of black gloves has gotta be costly. I feel this money would be better spent on a fun shopping spree at a clothing store, and I'm sure Hanna would agree with me.

4. Wait, I Thought That Character Got Killed Off?

I can't even keep track anymore of who is alive, dead, or AWOL. Then again, it may not really matter, because a death certificate in Rosewood is absolutely meaningless.

5. How Are The Liars Still In High School?

Rosewood is a strange place — perhaps high school lasts for six years there?

6. Why Do They Embark On Their Scariest Endeavors In The Dead Of The Night?

Breaking into Radley? Traipsing through the woods in search of answers? It's not like they're ever at school, so these activities could totally be done during daytime hours.

7. But Seriously, How Come Their Parents Never Ask Where They've Been?

"You went AWOL for hours on a school night... EXPLAIN." - Said no Rosewood parent, ever.

8. Is Veronica Hastings The Long Lost Sister Of Olivia Benson?

The resemblance is pretty uncanny. If they are related, the Hastings need to summon Olivia to Rosewood ASAP. She can solve any mystery within an hour.

9. How Does Their Hair And Makeup Look Perfect No Matter What Happens?

On the run for years? Held captive and tortured for weeks? The Liars have suffered a whole lot, but their appearances sure haven't.

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