Was Clay Honeycutt On ‘Big Brother 17’ Actually Any Good At Football? — PHOTOS

Before I answer the question that is on every Big Brother fan’s mind — is that Clay Honeycutt guy even any good at football? — it is important for me to admit my limitations: I don’t know much about sports. I don't follow them, I don't understand them, and I really don't know how to talk about them. But maybe you have the same limitations in your life. Maybe, like me, you were concerned with drinking hot chocolate and getting as close as you could to your crush during Friday night football games. If so, I feel you. I'm also going to break this down for us so that we all understand it a bit better. So, let’s just start with the facts: In college, Honeycutt was a safety at Texas A&M, a school in the Southeastern (Athletic) Conference, or SEC. That's one of the top football teams in the country, and Honeycutt's position was a huge part of the team. Because here’s what I do know about football: safeties line up a couple of yards behind the line of scrimmage and are there to make the passes work smoothly, by covering them and putting them into play. They're the guys that make the other guys look good.

And thankfully, Clay Honeycutt was very much up for the job, because a.) he'd make anyone look good, and b.) before joining the Texas A&M team, he was dubbed a duel threat safety. No, not because he’s a good player and super hot (although he’s proven to be both of those things on Big Brother 17), but because he could both run and pass the ball.

The boy is seriously multi-talented.

But before his time at Texas A&M, Honeycutt's football career started in high school in Dickinson, Texas, where he was named a “hidden gem” by coaches and scouts across the country. Sounds promising, right?

Turns out: it was. Because Honeycutt was recruited by Texas A&M mid-term, and had a super high ranking on some very important chart that I don't really understand. Irregardless, the promise of Honeycutt was kinda short-lived, because, after Honeycutt redshirted for A&M in 2010 (which basically means that he was kept out of college play for a year in order to develop his skills), he played for four more not-so-noteworthy years. Seriously, I can't find a lick of commentary on the guy other than the fact that, during his senior year, he played nine games and reportedly recovered a fumble for his team.

Yep. That's it, folks. That’s the extent of exciting football action I can find on the guy.

Not that his career is anything to brush off! Playing for Texas A&M is a HUGE deal in college football land, so the fact that he did that for four years says a lot about his talent. Was he a star player on the Texas A&M team? Not exactly. But we should have guessed that. If he had been, he probably would be playing for the NFL right now, not Big Brother 17.

And you certainly won't hear me complaining that the NFL passed him up.

I’m excited to see what Honeycutt brings to the Big Brother competition this season aside from his good looks and hot body. (But, like, in the meantime, I’m totally thankful for his good looks and hot body.)

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Image: CBS