12 Reasons 'Gravity Falls' Mabel Pines Should Be Your Life Hero

Never before has one animated character embodied as much positive energy as Gravity Falls ' Mabel Pines. As the twin of the more nervous Dipper, Mabel is the ultimate free spirit. The girl rocks Dorito earrings, bedazzles everything, and brings a sense of boundless adventure to everything she does. Sure, she's only 12-years-old, but Mabel is already a total life hero. It's not just that she does her own thing, it's that she is full of kindness and consideration for everyone and she still stands up for herself and her friends. Somehow, Mabel has this whole life thing figured out, even though she hasn't even hit high school yet.

Mabel is the perfect fictional character to draw inspiration from because she has done so much awesome stuff. Not only does she assist Dipper in his supernatural explorations, she deals with real life issues like juggling crushes, making friends, and maintaining her self-esteem. In the weird and wonderful town of Gravity Falls, no one comes close to Mabel in the cool department. She lives life on her own terms and lets her enthusiasm guide her in all things. Need more convincing that Mabel should be your newest life hero? No problem, I have come prepared with examples — just imagine they're bedazzled to make Mabel happy.

1. When Given A Choice, Mabel Chooses A Grappling Hook

Mabel is proof girls can rock adorable sweaters and have an Indiana Jones side.

2. She Is The Best Friend (And Sister)

Mabel loves finding people with unique interests to be her friends. She treats Grenda and Candy with the utmost respect and loves them because they are as special as she is. The same goes for her brother Dipper, who is Mabel's BFF even though they are totally different.

3. She Has An Impressive Array Of Sweaters

If you don't covet all of Mabel's quirky sweaters, then I don't understand your fashion sense.

4. Her Silliness Often Saves The Day

Mabel's natural, irreverent personality lets her see the world in a special way. Because of her unique perspective, Mabel can often help the more logical Dipper think outside the box to find creative answers to the mysteries they investigate.

5. She's Fearless When It Comes To Being Herself

Mabel makes being confident look easy, and even on the rare occasion that her confidence falters, she always realizes her power comes from being her delightful self.

6. She Has A Pet Pig

Anyone can have a cat or a dog, but it takes a special kind of person to fall in pet love with a pig. #LifeGoals

7. She Loves Falling In Love

Love has burned Mabel's young heart many times (the poor kid fell for a guy made of gnomes, a merboy, and was pursued by Lil' Gideon), but she never stops letting herself enjoy her crushes.

8. She Finds A Way To Be Kind To Everyone, Including Pacifica Northwest

Mabel is not a petty person. She approaches the world with kindness and even when she doesn't get kindness in return she doesn't stoop to the other person's level. Case in point: Pacifica Northwest has always been rude to Mabel, but Mabel always takes the higher ground... even when a group of tiny people living inside a put-put golf course offer to get rid of Pacifica forever.

9. When She Sets Her Mind On Something She Does It

Matchmaking, bedazzling — it doesn't matter what it is — if Mabel decides to do something she gets it done with style.

10. She's One Tough Cookie

Don't underestimate Mabel because she's adorable. She can kick butt with the best of them.

11. She Knows There's No Such Thing As A Bad Time For A Dance Party

Mabel believes in the power of dance to bring the happy. Trust me, there's nothing like a Mabel party because a Mabel party don't stop.

12. She's A Total Boss

Total life hero. Mabel Pines is my role model.

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