Kim K's New Contouring Classes Are A Bit Different

by Gina Jones 2

Kim Kardashian's new website has been in the works for a while, promising us a huge portfolio of exclusive content, like photo shoots (as previewed in the newest series of Keeping Up With the Kardashians) and more excitingly still, Kim Kardashian makeup tutorials! Kardashian's openness about her makeup and beauty regimes has been an admirable trait for a long time, adding a layer of humbleness to her pristine, "perfect," fashion-conscious image. We don't just get to admire how beautiful Kim K is, but we do get to learn how that flawlessness comes to be every day. And now she'll be showing us how to achieve said flawlessness when experiencing an ever-changing pregnancy face.

Of course, this isn't all to say that Kim Kardashian is somehow less impressive without makeup, considering her no makeup selfies prove that she doesn't need the contouring that gets added to her face on an almost daily basis. But she goes through the process because she likes it — and that should be fashion's No. 1 Rule.

Whilst back in the day we had to trawl through YouTube tutorials on how to achieve the perfect contour at home, or shell out a month's rent to attend a makeup masterclass with the contour queen herself and her acclaimed makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, we'll now finally be able to watch them for free, in our pajamas, bored on a day off and covered in cake crumbs. Whether we'll actually bother to try the routine is a whole different story.

This week, Kim Kardashian was battling against rumors of getting plastic surgery whilst pregnant and responded in one of the most gracious ways ever. Not only did she tackle all the rumors by, you know, offering the truth, but she also revealed that she is working on more makeup tutorials examining how she copes with the changes her face, in particular, is going through during pregnancy.

In doing so, Kardashian gave us something back by dispelling some of the lies constantly floating around the star. A gracious move, and one that is giving us more to look forward to with the big reveal of!

Whether you're a fan of the new contouring culture that has arisen around the Kardashians' rise to fame over the past couple of years, there's a part of the story that's still being ignored. Through being reality stars, the Kardashian and Jenner clans have always seemed a bit more tangible than other celebs. We've unashamedly laughed at Kim K's crying face so many times that you can even get a t-shirt with her crying on it. We've witnessed not just the fabulous, fun parts of their lifestyles but also the awful aspects, too. The "reality" in their reality TV show might have been questioned a few times, and their over the top reactions can seem kinda ridiculous. But when a Kardashian hurts, I hurt.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I love the Kardashians' openness about their lives because it prevents them from climbing the unreachable pedestal that celebrities sat on for a long time. Until their appearance on the scene, the "cheats" to get celeb red carpet looks were guessed at by beauty bloggers and occasional reveals by A-list makeup artists.

Celebrity coverage has, for ages, made the stars seem something other than human — perfect and unbreakable — an image that led to many completely understandable, iconic celebrity breakdowns in the early 2000s. Can you believe it's been over eight years since Britney shaved her head? Can you believe more people haven't crumbled from the pressure and taken the same route?

Although celebrities are still held under ridiculous ideals now, by upholding these ideals, they set beauty standards for the rest of us that are almost impossible to achieve without a 15-person strong beauty team. Which is why the revelation of that beauty team, what it does, and how it does it is revolutionary for us regular people. Why don't I wake up looking like Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala? Because not even Kim Kardashian wakes up looking like that (although she's a lot closer to it than I am).

I don't have thousands to throw at contouring classes, expensive makeup, or somebody to apply it, and that's OK. The Kardashians and dozens of other celebrities do, and that's OK. But if I won the lottery today, I'd look like an alien by Thursday! Plenty of boring people have slated the Kardashians' makeup looks and glamour overkill, but the amount of effort they put into looking this way and the amount of honesty they give out about how much effort they put in takes courage.

In turn, it gives me courage in what I can achieve with dollar store makeup, a YouTube tutorial, and my own confidence to look fake AF.

Images: Getty images; KimKardashian/Twitter