The World Wildlife Fund Put A Camera On This Sea Turtle's Shell, And The Footage Is Incredible — VIDEO

This is almost too good for this world: This video of a sea turtle's perspective of the Great Barrier Reef from the World Wildlife Fund is hypnotic and I am not ashamed to say I've been watching it basically on loop since I discovered it. In part it's an attempt to re-live a recent vacation I took where I got to go snorkeling (you guys: so many cool fish... and I'm normally kind of scared of fish!), but the other half of it is that it's so calming. From the lovely blue, to the rhythmic bouncing motion, to the crackling sound of thousands of fish nibbling on coral (no, really, that's what that weird little Rice Krispies sound is), it's all extremely zen.

The video was put out as part of the WWF's efforts to prevent dumping in Australia's Great Barrier Reef. I know I should never be surprised by the stupid things humans do to the environment, but... not dumping pollutants in on of the Earth's most delicate and important ecosystems is basically a no-brainer, yes? It's sort of ridiculous and shocking that we would need legislation to ensure this. I feel like the only people who would do that would be Mr. Burns. Still, the Fund predicts that their efforts will come to fruition in the next few months, which is great news for the reef and the 1,500 species of fish, 134 species of sharks and rays, 30 species of marine mammals, 6 species of marine turtles (check you out, little turtle with the camera on its shell! You're helping your own!), and 411 types of coral.

Important questions, though: Do you think all those animals make fun of the one random turtle with the camera on its back? Do they politely ignore it? Are they interested in it? And what about the turtle itself? Do you think it burns in shame and cries at night screaming, "I'm a freak!" Is it proud of its nifty new feature? Or maybe the turtle is filled with self-righteous, angry pride, like "Listen, jerks, my footage is helping raise awareness about our home to make it better for all your sorry asses. What have you done to help the environment lately? How about showing a little goddamn respect?" Do we think the turtle will get really into filmmaking and become the Spielberg of the reef? I for one would be really interested to see a Great Barrier Reef version of Jaws, which would be the plot of the original, but from the shark's perspective, and you never see the humans except at the end, and they look really fake.

As we await all these answers, I bid godspeed and good journey to this intrepid little turtle. Swim on, little friend! Say hi to Nemo for us!