Charlotte's Christening Was All About George

For most Americans, Saturday, July 4, was all about displaying patriotism and celebrating their country. The day after, however? It's all about England, or specifically, the country's royals. On Sunday, July 4, Princess Charlotte was christened in a private ceremony, attended by only the closest relatives and friends of the baby's parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton. Yet while the day was all about the little girl, with fans eager to get a peek at the two-month-old and analyze her gorgeous dress, the real focus was none other than her brother, Prince George. Because seriously, at Charlotte's christening, Prince George totally stole the show.

It's not much of a surprise, of course; the toddler has typically looked active and gregarious at all of his family's public events, whether he's happily hanging out with Mom or sticking his tongue out from behind a window. His baby sister's christening was expected to provide the biggest stage yet for his antics, as People reported that George was set to walk a good distance to the church alongside his family, giving the almost 2-year-old plenty of time to do something silly. And thankfully, all went as planned; George, next to his parents and his sister, walked the several hundred yards to the ceremony, and made sure to make it as fun as possible for the event's excited onlookers.

Not that he had to do much. His decision to walk was more than enough to please his fans, as shown by this video:

Then there was the closer look at his outfit, an adorable choice of clothing that recalls Prince William's outfit back at Prince Harry's christening:

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The Mirror reports that George happily waved to the crowd as he walked by. Is this kid a natural or what? The Telegraph adds that the toddler also shook hands with officials, proving that he's totally ready for the royal big leagues. But that's not all he did; Mirror also reports that for a bit, until William had a word with him, George refused to go in the church. I repeat: Prince George REFUSED to go to his sister's christening. This child is wonderful.

He also decided to peek inside his mom's stroller to get a glimpse at Charlotte, because a big brother's job is obviously to make sure his li'l sis is doing okay when she's surrounded by thousands of screaming people. Nice kid, that George!

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The day may have meant to be all about Charlotte, but a big thank you to the young Prince George for providing some extra entertainment for fans. His sister is the one getting christened, but as he seems to know all too well, it's the older royal who can work the crowds like nobody's business.

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