7 Tips On How To Wear Colored Mascara

Did you spend the '90s rocking colored mascara in all shades of the rainbow? Do you miss the days when your eyelash adornments were as vibrantly varied as your eyeshadows? Well, loud lashes fans rejoice! Brightly-hued mascara made a massive catwalk comeback in summer 2015. From Yves Saint Laurent's Waterproof Effect Faux Cils Mascara to the RMK W Color Mascara's nifty dual-colored wand, the upcoming seasons are sure to be about letting your luscious lashes take center stage.

However, stepping outside of your trusty black-lashed comfort zone can be nerve-wracking. Maybe you were more grunge than gaudy girl first time around, or perhaps you've forgotten just how fabulous colored mascara can look when worn well. Either way, succumbing to those dreaded self-conscious belly butterflies is not the most ideal feeling when you're attempting to unveil a dazzling new element to your personal style for the first time.

There's no need to fret, though. I have seven hotly-hued hacks to help you to banish the beauty conscious blues in no time. Whether you're after a jaw-droppingly stylish yet ever-so-slightly edgy look for a special occasion, or simply want to give your tired day-to-day style a bright and colorful lease of life, some colorful cosmetics advice will be sure to give you electrifying eyelashes.

1. Be Careful With What You Choose

Don't just treat colored mascara as a fun way to switch up your outfit, or an alternative to brightly-colored eyeshadow. Each colored mascara has its own special superpowers. A bright electric blue one is great for making the whites of your eyes appear even more blindingly white (perfect for the morning after a night out) whilst a deep plum tone is ideal for enhancing brown or hazel eyes. A glitter-drenched mascara will even give your lashes a subtle sparkle on the dance floor (or bus to work) without making you look like you're stuck in a try-hard '90s time warp.

2. Coordinate Your Mascara With A Matching Eyeliner

If you're a human who prefers to never leave the house without polishing your eyeliner-and-mascara combo to perfection, then this is the lavished-lashed look for you. In dark purples and navy blues, it offers the perfect way to refresh your office attire, whilst electric blues, pinks, and emerald greens create a gorgeous festival eye.

3. Match Your Lipstick Or Nails To Your Mascara

Do you love carefully coordinating your lipstick and manicure? For a striking sartorial look that's edgy yet bang on trend, matching your mascara to your lipstick or nails will offer a cute, interesting, and eye-catching look without being too in-you-face. From neon greens to oranges to dark plums, this beauty look would be perfect for an early fall barbecue or girl's night out.

4. Try Uniquely Hued Top And Bottom Lashes With Minimal Makeup

If you're desperate for a way to add drama to your daily makeup routine without making your face look too "busy," then a bright or uniquely colored mascara with a prettily paired-back face and lip is your new beauty best friend. A quick and easy way to add a playful touch to your daytime style, statement colored lashes make a perfect partner for picnics, beach outings, and just generally putting an extra spring in your step.

5. Contrast Your Top And Bottom Lashes

Already the queen of colored mascara? If you're the proud owner of two tubes or more, why not go one step further and clad your top and bottom lashes in a cute color scheme for a dramatic style overhaul? Choose brilliant blue and aqua green for peepers fit for a mermaid, or amp up the volume with electric blue and orange mascara for loud and proud lash style.

6. Add A Pretty Pop Of Color To Your Usual Black Mascara

Still not sold on candy shop colored lashes? Why not ease yourself into the trend gently by adding a subtle dash of color to your normal mascaraed eyes look? Popular with Martin Grant on the S/S 2015 catwalk, the premise is simple: Just add a couple of sweeps of whichever color you desire over black or brown mascara and marvel at the way your eyelashes resemble a preened peacock when they catch the light. It's perfect for adding an extra "zing" to your work or college day.

7. DIY Your Own!

Can't find your dream mascara hue to complete your carefully curated outfit? Why not try out Misty Spinney for Brit+Co's tutorial on how to create your own? Or how about vlogger Vintage or Tacky's video above? It's satisfyingly crafty, ridiculously cheap, and your only limit is the boundaries of your imagination (or at least the contents of your eyeshadow drawer).

As we approach the end of another year, I ask you: What better time to transform your beauty look into something a little spunkier?

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Images: vintageortacky/YouTube