Kit Harington's Hair Holds All The 'GOT' Secrets

Kit Harington may have the most talked about head of hair in existence. It's not just that his lovely, black curls are nice to look at it (I really wish I knew what brand of shampoo he used), it's that they may hold all of the Game of Thrones Season 6 answers fans are looking for. Over the July 4 weekend, Kit Harington was spotted at Wimbledon with his long hair very much still intact, meaning that Thrones fans everywhere are asking themselves — is Jon Snow still alive?

Now, with any other actor this would not mean much — so the guy hasn't had a haircut recently, or maybe he's prepping to play a Byronic hero! Here, though, it matters, because Harington's character seemingly died at the end of Season 5. The actor spent a good deal of his Game of Thrones days talking about how excited he would be to finally cut his hair when his time on the show was done. Well, it was rumored that he did indeed cut his hair after Jon Snow was knifed by his Night's Watch brothers at the end of Season 5, but the curls are back, guys.

Shortly after his supposed exit from the show, Harington told Vulture he would grow his hair out if any role called for it, but come on, doesn't that sound a tiny but suspicious? He was so eager to be rid of his long locks before and now he's totally cool with growing them back all willy nilly? Forget "You know nothing, Jon Snow." The classic TV slogan I am starting to apply to everyone involved in Jon Snow's apparent demise is "trust no one."

GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images

Look at that magnificent head of hair! It's clearly holding all the Season 6 secrets. I am willing to concede Harington's unshorn head is not definitive proof Melisandre is going resurrect to Jon Snow because he is totally Azor Ahai, A.K.A. the literal son of ice and fire (R + L = J, not a pile of lingering plot points). I mean, I don't know the actor's life, maybe he just realized he has amazing hair? I'm just saying when I look at his grinning face, I see a man who is totally fibbing in order to keep his benevolent overlords, Game of Thrones' showrunners David Benioff and David Weiss, happy.

After all, if Jon Snow doesn't stay dead, it's not only a major show spoiler, it's a major book spoiler as well. The showrunners would surely want to keep any resurrection news speculative until Season 6 arrives, but Harington's hair certainly feels like a (luscious, perfectly coiffed) smoking gun. Maybe this is all much ado about hair, but Jon Snow just seems too important to the plot to be gone for good, and that is definitely some Thrones' worthy curls Harington is sporting.

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