26 Plus Size Fashion Items For Easy Summer To Fall Transition Because The Changing Of The Seasons Is Upon Us

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A lot of people dread transitional dressing and struggle to master the art of dressing in between seasons. Taking your wardrobe from summer to fall can feel extra tricky after months of just putting on the thinnest articles of clothing you can find and calling it a day. The easiest way to navigate the change is to fill your closet with the perfect versatile plus size pieces to layer and wear in several different ways.

Transitional season dressing comes at a time when you leave the house and it's one temperature, in the middle of the day it becomes another, and on the way home it changes yet again — and when you think you've nailed it, the next day is totally different. It can be tricky, but the challenge of playing with the items in your wardrobe is part of the fun of getting dressed and wearing clothes everyday. Right?

Here are 26 items to help make your transitional wardrobe flawless:

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