15 Awesome Plus Size Leggings For Fall

Leggings are by far my favorite article of clothing; they are so diverse and can really be worn with any outfit. That's why I'm getting pumped to see fall fashion starting to make its way into retail, since plus size leggings are probably going to be among my first purchases for the change in seasons. I know how difficult it can sometimes be to find size inclusive leggings, though, and often have a hard time coming across them myself.

I think because leggings are tight and meant to show off your curves, many designers don't manufacture plus size ones. This would, of course, be challenging the cultural norms around body image and a lot of retailers aren't quite ready to go there yet. Although the tides are changing, there's still this idea that fat women should be ashamed of their bodies, using clothes as a means to hide those bodies rather than showing them off. I just want to reiterate that you can wear whatever you want to no matter what size you are, and you should be able to buy clothing that you like in your size. Body positivity in fashion is so important.

So, if you love leggings and are as excited for fall as I am, here's a roundup of 15 plus size leggings that are cute, comfortable, stylish, and affordable.

1. Slashed Knit Leggings

Slashed Knit Leggings, $13, GS Love

I know the second these leggings go on my body, I will feel like a total badass. Seriously, these will add some edge to any old t-shirt. Plus, if you want to wear them in 80 degree heat and stay cool, you can.

2. Tropical Floral Leggings

Tropical Floral Leggings, $11, Forever 21

These leggings are so versatile because they can look fun and summery with the bold floral pattern, or add some flair to a fall outfit, like the model above demonstrates.

3. White Lace Cropped Leggings

White Leggings Shorts With Lace Trim, $23, Yours Clothing

If you want to rock some leggings that are short or act as shorts, these are a great option! I love how the lace gives them some softness while really adding a nice feminine touch to your look.

4. High Waisted Printed Leggings

Plus Size High Waisted Tribal Leggings, $19, Rue 21

If you love wearing fun prints all year round, these tribal printed leggings are a great find. I love the unique high-waisted detail that you don't find in most leggings. If you want to emphasize your waist or like the feel of wearing high-waisted bottoms, these will give you that fit and feel while also remaining comfortable.

5. Cat Print Leggings

Cat Print Leggings, $25, Torrid

YOU GUYS! These leggings have cats on them. I am already dying. I don't think any explanation is necessary for why these leggings are awesome.

6. Animal Print Leggings

Women's Plus Size Leggings Animal, $14, Target

Sticking to the animal theme, these fun animal print leggings add some growl to your look, as well as a pop of color. Most animal prints are made to be uniform and these have some blue detailing that adds some extra pizazz.

7. Galaxy Leggings

Fresh Take Leggings in Galaxy, $25, Mod Cloth

Galaxy leggings are a classic and this pair from ModCloth is so much fun. The green galaxy print offers some uniqueness from the usual black and blue galaxy patterns, which will make you stand out.

8. City Print Leggings

The City Highlife Leggings, $39, Only Leggings

The minute I saw these leggings, I was blown away by the beautiful detail. You could probably stare at these for hours and still not see everything they have to offer — they're like wearable art! If you like to wear stand-out pieces and be the center of attention, these leggings are a great fit for you.

9. Faux Leather Leggings

Faux Leather Panel Leggings, $34, Torrid

I just had to feature another pair from Torrid, since faux leather can be notoriously difficult to find in plus-sizes and these are hot! If you want to add some texture to your outfit or just love looking like a badass, these are the plus size leggings for you.

10. Mint Leggings

Plus-Size Cropped Basic Leggings, $6, Rainbow

Leggings in basic colors are a wardrobe staple for any leggings lover. This pair comes in mint green, which isn't a color you typically see in leggings but looks really fun and anything but basic. Take your staples to the next level with these mint colored leggings.

11. Colored Jeggings

Hue Original Jean Plus Size Leggings, $48, Macys

Jeggings are usually known for being comfortable, but arguably ugly. These plus size jeggings take things to a whole new level, though, since they actually look a lot like jeans. If you wore a long shirt over these, you could totally pass them off as regular leggings, too, and just change up the styling when you want them to look more like denim.

12. Legging Jogger Pants

Knit Jogger Pants, $24, JC Penny

I'm amazed at how professional these legging jogger pants look when dressed up with heels and a blazer. If you love to wear clothes that are athletically inspired, but able to go further than just the gym, these leggings have your name all over them. I love how casual yet polished they look — definitely a great item for trend setting.

13. Trendy Baby Pink Leggings

Ultimate Stretch Straight Leggings, $59-64, Full Beauty

This soft, dusty pink has been cited as a trend this summer and these leggings embody that perfectly. They add a nice pop of color to neutrals and can be used as basics in the same way black leggings can be. Have fun with these: They have infinite possibilities.

14. Printed Jersey Leggings

H&M+ Jersey Leggings, $12, H&M

These black and white printed leggings are a great piece to also use in place of neutral or to help stabilize an outfit that has multiple colors and patterns in it. I can also attest to the fact that H&M leggings are incredibly comfortable and provide a lot of stretch for your dollar.

15. Tribal Printed Leggings

Andy Tribal Print Leggings, $16, Fashion to Figure

These leggings offer a lot of artistic detailing and are great to pair with some other bold pieces. Plus, look at how well they fit on the hips; you can tell these were designed by and for plus size figures.

Images: Courtesy Brands