Vanessa Carlton On New Album & Stevie Nicks

Vanessa Carlton has impressed critics and fans alike with her musical acumen since the early 2000s. The singer will be releasing a new EP on July 24, and the four tracks comprising the EP is set to offer listeners a whimsical preview of Carlton's LP, "Liberman," which is due out in October. Carlton has already released audio for the title track of her EP — "Blue Pool" — which showcases the singer's eclectic artistry through haunting piano melodies and ethereal undertones that make the song dreamlike. All four enchanting tracks on Carlton's EP will be featured on her full-length album, which is poised to be the singer's most dynamic work to date. Along with early accolades over the work, Carlton's longtime friend and music legend, Stevie Nicks, has also given her stamp of approval. Bustle caught up with Carlton to discuss "Blue Pool," what fans can expect from "Liberman," and a possible future collaboration.

"It’s 10 songs, it’s a little over 30 minutes, it’s kind of a journey record," she told me of her upcoming LP, and noted that one of her favorite tracks was one where she collaborated with her husband. "It’s kind of a similar palate of sound throughout. It definitely has different facets going on. It’s all in this blanket of, like, a dream. I really just want it to feel like when you listen to the record, it just takes you to another place. It's not super live-sounding, or anything like that. It feels like it was crafted in another space."

Based on the EP, Carlton's new album should be a success in leaving listeners feeling transported with its sonic cannon of trickling melodies and intricate lyrics. The EP also proves that Carlton needs little more than her inimitable vocals and piano keys to create something truly enthralling. That being said, I still felt compelled to ask the singer about the possibility of a collaboration with Nicks, given the two friends have proven in the past that their vocal ranges make for some beautiful duets.

"Oh, totally," she said on being open to a future collaboration. "Creatively, Stevie's very vibrant. She’s always moving forward and, like, who knows what her next move will be? But she knows I’m always down. Obviously she’s such a wonderful person and artist, so who knows? Timing, it’s totally about timing."

We will definitely look forward to that possible collaboration, whenever the timing is right.

Image: Eddie Chacon