Watch The US Score 4 Goals In The First 16 Minutes

Approximately 5 minutes into the game, the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team midfielder Carli Lloyd scored two goals in the World Cup, putting the U.S. in an early lead against Japan. Soon after, Lauren Holiday scored a third, with Lloyd following up in seconds with a midfield kick for a fourth goal. It was a jaw-dropping start for the team, and it honestly likely shocked not only the nation, but the entire world.

The game is not even close to over, but it's already brought many comparisons to the Germany-Brazil semi-final match in the men's World Cup last year in which Germany beat Brazil 7-1, with four of those goals being scored within the first 26 minutes. But the U.S. women's team totally one-upped Germany by scoring these four goals in the FINAL, not the semi-final, and, oh, it took the women's team 10 less minutes to pocket those four goals than it did the German men. I've got a good feeling that this game will turn out as historic as the 1999 final match, which saw the iconic photo of Brandi Chastain ripping her shirt off to her sports bra in celebration after the U.S. beat China.

Want to watch the U.S. team score four goals within just over 15 minutes, delighting fans nationwide?

Here's the first goal:

And the second:

The third:

And the amazing fourth: