8 Britney Spears '90s Outfits That Would Make Excellent Summer Ensembles In 2015

Back in the late '90s, Britney Spears was the style maven of the tween and teen set. The pop tart was the undisputed queen of crop tops, low-rise jeans, suggestive Lolita looks, and oodles of breathy, "not quite a girl, not yet a woman" sexiness. While it's been 17 (!!!) years since Brit Brit exploded onto the pop culture radar in her schoolgirl uni with "...Baby One More Time," some of the most summery Britney Spears' '90s outfits still hold up incredibly today.

If there was one thing the diva had a lock on, it was warm weather dressing. Luckily for all us die-hard Britney fans, her look could still be easily and cheaply copied with a simple trip to the local mall.

Since her outfits were comprised of so many basics, from jeans to flip flops to tees, they remain pieces that are incorporated into summer attire now. Plus, you can still pretty much spot Britney Spears herself prancing around in an update or variation of any of these outfits, either onstage or while on a coffee run and being chased by the ever-present paparazzi. It's mostly the latter. Brit loved her flip flops and short shorts back in 1999 and she loves them in 2015.

If you're looking to add a touch of Britney to your summer ensemble, these eight classic '90s looks are the perfect place to start.

1. Athleisure

Come on. You know J. Lo would wear something like this while performing. Maybe she'd ditch the matching knee pads. But this latex bandeau and baggy, white dance pants is still in style right now. Summer is all about loose, non-restrictive clothes.

2. Schoolgirl Chic

A cardi, a mini, and a tied off white dress shirt? That's still sexy any way you slice it. Over-the-knee socks and minis are also a cute pairing. This is one of Brit's most iconic outfits — and it still holds up.

3. Short Shorts

Brit Brit herself still wears some variation of this outfit from her "Sometimes" video when hitting up Starbucks or while hanging with her sons in 2015. Really short jean shorts, flip flops, and a basic top are eternal Britney staples.

4. Red Latex

Why not?! Crop tops were Brit's thing and those are always in. Red latex is always in, too. As long as it's styled properly and not worn in August... unless you are going clubbing in a really air-conditioned venue that's colder than a meat locker.

5. Trumpet Skirt & Tee

This trumpet skirt and tight tee were so adorbs and would work with any shoes. Sneakers, espadrilles, flip flops, ballet flats, you name it. This outfit is for summer, for sure.

6. Vintage Tee & Jeans

A vintage ringer tee with low-rise jeans that flashes a little tummy? Of course that's still relevant today.

7. The '90s Co-Ord

This slightly embellished white crop top with matching bottom is an excellent, light choice before Labor Day.

8. Another Crop Top

We've seen this look before and it endures. Crop tops and jean shorts are always a winning combo. Get thee to a beach or an amusement park!

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