9 Hermione Granger Quotes That Would Make Fab Tattoos Because She Was The Greatest Witch Of Her Age After All

As sad as it is to admit, all good things must come to an end — even a longstanding book series like Harry Potter. However, true fandoms never die and Harry Potter-inspired memorabilia — like a Hermione Granger tattoo — is still as popular as ever on Instagram. Seriously, nothing says true fan like having a part of the books (or films) etched onto your skin for life.

In my opinion, out of all of the Harry Potter tattoos a person could get on their body, pretty much anything related to Hermione is a kickass choice. Besides being best friends with Harry and Ron, she was amazing in her own right and the smartest witch around. It’s obvious that those two couldn’t have taken down Voldemort without her. Some of the best lines in the book were spoken by Hermione, in fact, and make for great material for a quote tattoo. Don’t get me wrong, Dumbledore had tons of words of wisdom; but Hermione’s quotes are clever, thought-provoking, and even heartbreaking at times.

If you’ve ever considered getting any HP artwork inked on your bod, or just love the books, Hermione might not be a bad place to draw inspiration from. Check out these quotes that will leave you itching to get your own tattoo:

1. Levi-o-sa, Not Levi-o-sar

Who could forget the hilarious scene in the movie when Hermione corrects Ron’s mispronunciation of the “Wingardium Leviosa” spell? Clearly she wasn’t having any of his nonsense, and the girl knew her stuff. A tattoo like this will show everyone who’s boss, plus it shows the importance of enunciation.

2. I'm Not An Owl

When Ron and Harry weren’t on speaking terms in The Goblet of Fire, the boys attempted to use her as a messenger. It didn't take long before she got fed up and decided to stand up for herself. Unlike an actual messenger owl, Hermione had better things to do than to be caught in the middle and she wasn’t afraid to let her friends know it.

3. S.P.E.W.

Not only was Hermione super smart and mature in more ways than one, she was also a humanitarian of sorts and fought for the fair treatment of those around her. In the books, Hermione founded the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare (aka S.P.E.W.). The organization promoted rights for captive house elves, an important cause to Hermione. At the very least, the tattoo reminds us of Hermione’s constant selflessness throughout the series.

4. Books And Cleverness

At one point, Harry doubted his abilities as a wizard and said that he wasn’t as good of a wizard as Hermione. While she did admit that “books and cleverness” were some of her strongest attributes, she reassured him and told Harry that his bravery and friendship were equally important. Confident? Yes. Conceited? No.

5. Obliviate

I couldn’t help but tear up while I watched the scene where Hermione spoke and cast the spell “oblivate” on her parents. In the movie, Hermione wiped out her parents’ memories to make them move to Australia and defend them against Voldemort. It was heartbreaking to watch, but an important part of Hermione’s thoughtful character — this tattoo is a perfect way to remember this moment. The white ink puts a different spin on the tatt and is super eye-catching.

6. Oppugno

Again, Hermione shows us that she’s someone who you just don’t mess with. She used this spell to cast a flock of canaries to attack Ron after she caught him making out with Lavender Brown. Not the best move on Ron’s part, but nevertheless Hermione absolutely slayed when she cast this spell.

7. Charms

The word “charms” written on the front of the book that Hermione is holding in the tattoo symbolizes all of the amazing charm spells that Hermione casts throughout the series. There was no spell she couldn’t pull of successfully — all those hours spent hitting the books were absolutely worth it.

8. Mudblood

While the word “mudblood” had negative connotations in the series and was used to describe someone who had no wizarding parents, Hermione never let this form of prejudice stop her from achieving her goals. Arrogant and rude people like Draco Malfoy could call her mudblood all they wanted, but Hemione knew in her heart of hearts that she was a true witch. A tattoo like this can put a positive spin on a word originally meant as an insult, reclaiming it to become a part of Hermione’s identity.

9. The Brightest Witch

Although this tattoo isn’t entirely about Hermione, it’s still an amazing way to pay tribute to her character. At various points in the book, J.K. Rowling wrote that Harry was the “Chosen One,” Ron was “The King,” and Hermione was “The Brightest Witch of Her Age.” It was a compliment that she was given on several occasions and it could not be truer, hence the lightbulb shaped tattoo. A variation of this tattoo could also be a lightbulb with a drawing of Hermione’s wand in the center.

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