Mila Kunis' Wedding Dress For Her Secret Nuptials To Ashton Kutcher Probably Won't Look Like The Gown She Wore In 'Ted'

Congrats are very much in order this morning, as Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher secretly wed in California over the weekend — almost exactly a year after welcoming daughter Wyatt. I, along with pretty much any person who has eyes, am convinced that Kunis made a stunning bride. Photos of Mila Kunis' wedding dress have yet to be published, but I am biting my nails in anticipation. Kunis is the most gorgeous creature in Hollywood, IMO. So I cannot wait for images of the actress in her marrying gown. Kunis looked pretty fetch in a summery LWD at an event a few weeks ago, BTW.

The actress and new mom's red carpet style is feminine without being fussy. It's never super trendy or outrageously daring, either. It's more classic, with a side of supremely sexy. So I am thinking her wedding dress will follow suit — no pun intended. Who knows exactly what Kunis wore for her weekend wedding, but I have a few predictions of my own, of course. One style of wedding dress I don't expect her to have donned for her real-life nuptials to Kutcher?

A carbon copy of the fishtail, mermaid-like, and strapless Monique Lhuillier gown that she wore in the original Ted. The gown was of a cream hue, was named "Amelie," and was from several seasons ago.

Kunis' character Lori does not appear in the sequel, as she and Mark Wahlberg's John have since divorced; the actress was also preggers with Wyatt during filming. Sorry if that Lori info was a spoiler if you've not yet seen the obscenely hilarious film.

Kunis' off-white dress in Ted was beautiful and classic.

But it wasn't really adherent to Kunis' personal style. The dress felt a little safe and expected for brides.

It was lovely and romantic. But it didn't stand out like Kunis' beauty stands out. Also, I doubt she would want to repeat something she wore in a film, especially when she probably had designers vying for the chance to make or provide her with a wedding dress.

But regardless of the lacy and frilly frock she wore in the film, she was still a breathtaking bride. I love that she wore her glossy brown hair all swept back in a bun under her veil.

Something also tells me she didn't look to her That '70s Show character Jackie Burkhart for inspo, even though that's where she and her new hubby initially met.

At least this reminds us of what Kunis looks like with a veil and her hair down, right?! So many bridal options!

Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I would expect Kunis to go with something similar to this tiered, red carpet stunner. Obviously, it would be white or in that color family. Or maybe not?! Who knows? But this silhouette would and could be gorgeous as a bridal gown.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Or maybe she opted for fancier and more formal update of this shape and style?

Perhaps. Clearly, Kunis likes fuller skirts of any length. I expect the bottom and the train of Kunis' wedding gown to be pretty epic.

As Sarah Koenig said in Serial, all speculation is equally speculative. We can daydream and speculate all we want about what Mila Kunis wore when she swapped vows with Ashton. But we'll just have to wait until the first glossy publishes the official photos or until the couple shares something on social media.

And the seconds continue to tick...

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