Rihanna Bra-lliantly Repurposed A Hermes Scarf

When it comes to paving the path for taking fashion risks that we're all afraid we can't pull off (BTW: You can actually can pull off anything you want, whenever you want), Rihanna is pretty much fashion's go-to girl. Rihanna turned a Hermes scarf into a bra-bikini top, repurposing the piece in a sexy, knotty, and naughty way. This move might seem like fashion blasphemy to some fans of Hermes, an ultra luxe, oft-unobtainable brand. But the fashion world applauds and celebrates Rihanna for her irreverence when it comes to her street style, so the singer will fashionably get away with this outfit as well.

Plus, it's not like she pulled a Lady Gaga and doodled on an Hermes Birkin bag. That was a move that had many fashionistas aghast.

RiRi was soaking up the sun and hanging out poolside when she shared this super sexy selfie. The pop diva was also fresh off the controversy surrounding her crazy and violent "BBHMM" video," in which she sported several amazing outfits while seeking revenge.

While weekend lounging, she flashed underboob and that famous tattoo. She was proud of showing off the print scarf that she refashioned into a dangerously hawt bikini top. Of course she added a few layers of gold chains to further fashionize her sunbathing ensemble.

That was quite a "bra-lliant" use of an Hermes scarf, wasn't it? I can hang with it.

Rihanna can't merely sunbathe. She has to totally grab our attention with her version of a "Rihkini." Add the matte red lipstick and majorly long, scarlet talons and Rih was a poolside sexpot.

Because when isn't she?

Rihanna often shares IG snaps of herself living the fabulous life — hanging out beside some body of water or another and looking sexy while doing so.

Scorching from any angle!

As you can see, Rihanna takes accessorizing to the next level with bikinis. Belly chains, rings, gobs of necklaces — whatever.

Rihanna is so #SorryNotSorry for being insanely stylish when donning swimwear. The Hermes makeshift bra-bikini top is on a whole other level that I can totally co-sign.

Images: badgirlriri /Instagram (4)