Britney Spears Recreated The 'Oops... I Did It Again' Album Cover With Her Sons & She Should Totally Do These Covers Next

It's no secret that Britney Spears blasts from the past are the best thing ever. Not only did the singer rock some of the best outfits of the '90s, she also dropped one iconic moment after the other. However, the pop star took things to an entirely new and magnificent level when she recruited her two sons Sean Preston and Jayden James for a special task: Britney Spears recreated the Oops!... I Did It Again cover with her kiddos. NBD, it's just an adorable version of that huge 2000 album that changed pop music forever.

As I'm sure you recall the famous artwork adorning the cover of the album. It featured Spears wearing a signature crop top, her hair loose and wavy, peering through beaded curtains. In the photo of herself and her sons, which she posted to Instagram on July 5, the trio was all smiles as the mimicked her pose — in front of similar curtains, so less! "The boys and I doing our best #Oops album cover pose!" she captioned the adorable pic.

The image was just one of the photos that Spears posted from the family's trip to Disneyland. It's so sweet that I'm kind of hoping that the singer recreates some more of her famous album covers with her sons. Just in case she needs some inspiration, below are some other covers that she and her sons should mimic.

... Baby One More Time

Let's throw it back to Spears' early days. What's more innocent or classic Brit than the pink cover of her debut album?


Remember when Spears' style was sporty chic? It's not hard to picture her and her sons rocking hoodies and recreating this late-90s vibe.

"Hold It Against Me"

Spears brings the drama in this single cover. However, I think her sons could totally pull off this mysterious pose.

Britney Jean

Spears went for a casual-meets-retro look for her 2013 album cover. She and the boys could totally recreate the simplistic portrait, complete with custom neon signage.


Awesome teal-on-red graphics? Check. Mysterious shadow man lurking in the background? Check. Now all I need is for Spears and her sons to recreate this ominous single art.

"(You Drive Me) Crazy"

Spears is positively glowing on the single art for "(You Drive Me) Crazy." I'd love to see her channel this youthful radiance with Jayden and Sean.


"Lucky" was Spears at her fresh-faced best. This image is all about summer, so now would be the perfect time for the singer and her sons to don all-white outfits and give us some more throwback vibes.

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