Keke Palmer Says 'Scream Queens' Cast Is Like A Sorority, So Here Are 7 Traditions They Totally Need

Behind the scenes, Scream Queens is just as amazing as I imagine it to be. I already know that the characters have flawless style, but it turns out that the cast are totally adorable together. Keke Palmer, who plays Kappa pledge Zayday, revealed that, on-set, the Scream Queens cast are a mini-sorority — or, as close to it as the actresses can get, anyway. (Um, is it too late for me to rush?) "It feels like we're our own little sorority house," Palmer told PEOPLE. "We have seven, eight of us, and we all have so many different personalities."

In fact, the different traits of the cast are worked into the people they play. "It's so funny how Ryan [Murphy] and the writers pick up on that and incorporate many different things of that into our characters," Palmer added. "As the show is written more and more, you see how he's picked up certain things from certain actors and implemented it into the character." In case you're wondering, for Palmer, that meant incorporating a little bit of nurturing charm. "Probably my old-school-ish vibe. I've got a very Auntie thing about me," Palmer said. She mimicked a Southern drawl, adding, "I'm like, 'Ohh, Honey, don't do that.' I have a little bit of that to me, and I think he's definitely picked up on it and added that little Southern twang to my character."

I love that all of the cast brings such diversity to the show. Even better? That art is imitating real life. (Minus the whole murder thing, of course.) Here are seven things sorority traditions that I think the cast should do to honor their friendship.

1. Throw A Toga Party

Gotta stick with the classics, right?

2. Have Mixers With Other TV Shows

I would love to see the Scream Queens cast mingle with other sisterhoods.

3. "Adopt" Little Sisters

It's always nice to have a big sister to guide you.

4. Host A Greek Week

Nothing like a little competition to inspire bonding.

5. Have Lots Of Spirit

Gotta wear those letters with pride.

6. Keep A Secret Or Two

What's a sorority without a few closely guarded traditions?

7. Life-Long Friendships

Because sisterhood never goes out of style. If the Scream Queens cast are giving me this many feels before the first episode even premieres, then I'm not even sure if I can handle the pilot. Is it September yet?

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