10 Things To Cross Off Your Summer Bucket List

by Jaime Ritter

I feel like summer has just started, and I have crossed off approximately two things on my summer bucket list. Ugh. As they say in Grease (a.k.a the best movie, ever), "Summer days, drifting away but AHH those summer nights."

Don't let your summer days "drift away" before checking these items off your summer bucket list. You may be thinking, "why do I even need a summer bucket list?" Well, I'll give you a reason why: studies have shown that you're more likely to achieve something when it's put in writing.

Summer only lasts for a few months out of the year, so it's worth making the season extra-special. Maybe you and your bestie want to go swimming in a watering hole, or you and your boyfriend want to go kayaking — put them on your bucket list so they're more likely to go from ideas to a reality.

The weather is warm, the flowers have bloomed, your inhibitions are lowered, and your friends are waiting on standby for fun summer plans — now get outside, and do all of those things you've pinned on Pinterest.

In case you needed some extra inspiration, here are 10 activities you need to add to your summer bucket list, right now.

1. Jump off a waterfall

Because, YOLO.

2. Take a road trip with your best friends

FACT: If you can survive a road trip with your friends without killing each other, you have hit the friend jackpot. Keep 'em around forever.

3. Have a meal al fresco, at least once

Bonus points if it's a picnic, because utensils are not required.

4. Be cheesy and make a pool drink, even if you're not at the pool

Pool drinks are pretty much only socially acceptable in the summertime (unless you live in Florida, California, or Hawaii... in that case, drink away. Also, I hate you).

5. Go to an old-school ice cream parlor, and eat an entire banana split


6. Roast s'mores over a real fire

Soak up the charred, chocolatey goodness while you still can.

7. Skip work, and have a summer staycation

Kids get summer vacation from school. Therefore, I'm giving you permission to play hooky at least one day this summer. Lounge by the pool, get a massage, do whatever. TREAT YO SELF.

8. Go berry picking, and then make a pie

Berries are at peak ripeness in the summer. Do an online search for pick-your-own farms near you, and get to it. And when people compliment your delish pie, you can pull a Martha Stewart humble-brag and be like, "Oh, this old thing? Yeah I picked the berries this morning. Tehehe."

9. Make an adult slip n' slide with a tarp, water, and some dish soap

Just like when you were a kid, except now there's booze and camera phones. What could go wrong?

10. Take a cutie to a drive-in movie, and don't watch a second of it


Images: Pixabay; Giphy (10)