The Converse Pride Collection Is Supporting LGBTQ Rights Via Classic Chuck Taylor's With A Twist

In celebration of the LGBTQ community, Converse has introduced a Pride capsule collection — Proud To Be: The Converse Pride Collection — because equality is awesome and obviously, so is the ever-popular sneaker brand. Releasing at the perfect time, the 24-piece collection offers classic sneakers, tees, and laces that are well suited for celebrating both SCOTUS' ruling on marriage equality and Pride Month. Lace up those ROYGBV sneakers, ladies and gents — Converse has us all styling and getting our pride on.

It is both impressive and inspiring to see a mega brand like Converse flex its muscles in support of LGBTQ pride and equality. On the heels of the landmark decision to legalize same sex marriage, it is as important as ever to continue the momentum that was created in order to further promote acceptance and love for all. With a motto that includes the mantra, "Each step we take brings us closer to universal tolerance and equality," and a collection full of colors specifically chosen for their special meaning within the LGBTQ community, Converse and its Proud To Be collection are clearly passionate about outfitting the movement.

Aside from the positive social impact Converse is fueling — at an incredibly momentous juncture none the less — the merchandise itself is also something worth talking about. The creators of one of the most iconic sneakers have now not only coolly incorporated the colors of the LGBTQ community's iconic rainbow flag into high tops and tees, but also created a few fresh pieces of city-specific pride wear. No matter where or how you are celebrating Pride this month — and hopefully for infinite months and years to come — LGBTQ persons and allies can kill it in Converse. You can view and purchase the entire collection on Converse's website, but here are just a few of the multi-colored, prideful highlights.

1. ROYGBV All Star's

Rocking rainbows on your feet is basically the definition of Pride. From parades to parties, these are the only sneakers you'll need.

Chuck Taylor All Star Pride, $65,

2. Big Pride In The Big Apple

N.Y.C. Pride Week may have come and gone, but your love of the big apple and support of gay rights is a year round thing.

Chuck Taylor All Star New York Pride, $65,

3. West Coast Pride

From East to West, LGBTQ pride runs deep. These Chuck's pay homage to those who are loud and proud on the West Coast — San Fran love.

Chuck Taylor All Star San Francisco Pride, $65,

4. LGBTQ Gratitude

A big bright rainbow thanks from Converse to the LGBTQ community, for the LGBTQ community — members and allies alike. With one simple phrase, the person who dons these threads can send gratitude for the bravery it takes to come out as LGBTQ, or for the willingness of others to come out and show support.

Men's Pride Thanks For Coming Out Tee, $25,

5. Fresh Colors Of Equality

Perhaps you are more of a one color Cons kind of person — rainbow classics can't be everybody's style. If that's the case, Converse has you covered with the introduction of a range of fresh, solid colors reminiscent of the rainbow.

Chuck Taylor All Star Fresh Colors, $55,

6. Rainbow Lace Love

You can rock the rainbow and show your LGBTQ pride when you pair these rainbow laces with any of the sneakers you already own.

Low-Top Multi Lace, $4,

Pride Week may only happen once a year in your city, but thanks to Converse, we can all show our pride with every step we take, every single day. Now, that is literally what walking on the right side of history looks like.

Images: Converse